MiPow PlayBulb Comet Shines Hidden Light Wherever You Want

The MiPow PlayBulb Sphere lets you take your smart light with you. The MiPow PlayBulb Color lets your smart light also rock your tunes. The PlayBulb Comet applies the same smart lighting approach to strip lighting that can bring light under your cabinets, behind your television or, for that matter, pretty much anywhere you want. And setup is a breeze!

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MiPow describes the Comet as “Bluetooth Smart Color Lighting Strip” and has this to say about it:

HOME DÉCOR NEVER LOOKED THIS COOL! Turn your furniture, living room, bedroom, or countertops into an illuminated masterpiece. It is a plug and play device right out of the box that provides ease of use without any other difficult hubs to install.

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Setting up and using the PlayBulb Comet is as simple as simple can be.


In the box, you will find a wall adapter with cord and the Comet strip of LED lights. The strip includes a back adhesive sticker that makes it easy to attach the lights to pretty much any surface. You simply decide where you want the lights to go, peel away the adhesive backing, and stick it in place.


Then you just plug the business end of the strip and the DC power adaptor into a power source. After you download the PLAYBULB X App or, in my case, fire up the app I have already been using with the other PlayBulb products, and connect to the lighting strip.

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From there you are good to go!

The app is designed to allow you to group up to 5 comets together so you can not only control them from a single place but you can also sync their color and timing. You can also choose from four different fun effects. They are:


The system is designed in such a manner that the adaptor cord can easily be hidden from view. And the PLAYBULB X App lets you wirelessly control not only the colors but also the brightness, effects, and timers (yes, you can use the timers to set the lights to come on when you want) from your smartphone or tablet.

I really love the idea of being able to place the strip around the living room area, under a counter top, or in any other creative places that might benefit from some lighting. I plan on installing this review sample in our home when we move in so I didn’t want to remove the adhesive backing right now but I did some experiments and was impressed by the Comet. First I placed it on the media stand by my television and changed the light color and intensity.

Then I placed it behind the television in my bedroom and did the same. It was pretty cool.




Less bright.

It works as promised and I can’t wait to do a full install of various PlayBulb devices!


  • Length: 6.6 ft.
  • Control Distance: 32 ft.
  • Wireless Control: Bluetooth SMART
  • Power Input: 1A/24V
  • LED Power: 12W
  • LED Beads: RGB + Warm White


The PlayBulb Comet is a fun way to add light where light normally isn’t available. The installation is quick and easy and the light is amazing. The flexibility with regard to intensity and color is an added bonus, as is the ability to use the app to set timers. Honestly, I can see this smart light product finding its way into more and more homes. As the company notes on the product page, it is one smart device where your creativity and imagination is the only limiting factor.

Check it out here. It’s coming soon and I’ll be ordering more!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy to set up; Can be controlled from phone or tablet; Can link up to five Comets.

What Needs Improvement: Adhesive appears to be single install only.


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