Lifestyle by Focus SLYDE Is a Cordless Wet-Dry Floor Cleaner That Aims to Be the Better Way to Clean

I hate mopping. I’m sure you hate mopping too. I did it to make money when I was in high school, working as a janitor for a restaurant in Walnut Creek, California (that no longer exists, ‘natch). I did it to help put myself through college in the University dining hall. I do it now to keep my house clean. Now SLYDE says they can help ease my (and your) mopping pain.

Lifestyle by Focus Slyde


Well, I know the ol’ mop-and-bucket thing is obsolete. And let’s face it: It was always a pretty iffy solution. I mean, who thought a person five and a half to six feet tall (or more!), gripping a four-foot stick and pushing it around the floor, continually dipping it into a bucket of water that was constantly getting dirtier and dirtier, was a good idea?

Some mops are too short, and they’re heavy as heck. The lifting, the bending, the pressing, the wringing (can you tell I did a lot of this?)…it gets to you. Who thought this was a good way to clean floors? Not the gang who made the SLYDE, I’m telling you that.

Lifestyle by Focus Slyde

The SLYDE is only 5 pounds, and it has a fully integrated sweeping and mopping function. The sweep function propels on its own, and you pull to mop, so it’s sort of a “do it all in one go” kind of solution.

Lifestyle by Focus Slyde

SLYDE is designed to work on tile, marble, wood, laminate, and pretty much all other types of flooring in your typical house. I can’t reliably report on, I dunno, prestressed painted concrete (I had a floor like that in Austin, I swear!), but I’m sure it’s worth a try. It doesn’t have a water tank to disperse water, has no dust bag, is rechargeable, is cordless, and has a one-year limited warranty.

Lifestyle by Focus Slyde

Lifestyle by Focus is currently offering a 20% discount on the $199.95 SLYDE with the code THESLYDE20 on their site, and it’s also available from other retailers, including Amazon.

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