Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport Review: Active Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earphones That Sound Amazing

The Lowdown

If you already own the MW08 you might want to wait for the next update. If, however, you are in the market for a pair of earbuds that sound amazing, get excellent battery life; are tough enough to survive the real work, and deliver effective ANC and Active Listening, you owe it to yourself to check the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport out. To my ears, these are the best TWE currently available.



  • The MW08 Sport look and sound fantastic
  • Battery case now covered in Kevlar and Qi-wireless enabled
  • Comes with five different sets of ear tips
  • Get excellent battery life
  • Comfortable


App could do more

They are pricey

The MW07 was Master & Dynamic’s first true wireless earphones. The new Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport are active noise-canceling true wireless earphones that build on their predecessors’ success and take on-the-go audio to new heights. They look similar to the excellent MW08 that came before them, but they pack in numerous improvements.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

The MW08 was Master & Dynamic’s first pair of TWE with Active Noise Cancellation. They did an excellent job, and the MW08 immediately became my go-to pair of earphones.

While the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport initially looks like a fairly modest update from the MW08s, the combination of all the small upgrades put them in a league of their own. At $349, the MW08 Sport is pricey, but you won’t find a better pair of TWE.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

Inside the box, you get the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport earbuds, a Kevlar Fiber Charging Case, 5 Silicone Ear Tip Sizes, 2 Memory Foam Ear Tip Sizes, a USB-A Adapter, and a USB-C Charging Cable.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

When ordering, you get your choice of four different color combinations. These include Black Sapphire Glass glass, Green Sapphire Glass, Silver Sapphire Glass, and Blue Sapphire Glass. Each comes with a Black Kevlar Case.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

Let’s start with a look at the battery case since it is the first significant change you’ll notice when first setting up the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport.

The MW07 and MW07 Plus, the first two TWE releases from Master & Dynamic, came with a gorgeous metal battery case. It protected the earphones when not in use and added significantly to the runtime you can get when on the go. But the polished silver case, while gorgeous, was a scratch and fingerprint magnet.

In fact, the company went so far as to include a cloth pouch into which you could put the battery case to protect it. In other words, the battery case needed… a case.

The MW07 GO improved upon this by using a smaller battery case covered in cloth. It was lighter, and it didn’t show fingerprints and scratches.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport case compared to the MW08 case

MW08 Sport left – MW08 right

The battery case for the MW08 had a smaller, easier-to-open design but saw the return of the shiny metal battery case.

The Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport case compared to the MW08 case

MW08 Sport left – MW08 right

The Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport finally addressed this issue. The company kept the same design as the battery case included with the MW08 but used Kevlar in its construction rather than polished stainless steel. It looks amazing, has an added bit of tactile feel, which makes it easier to hold; thanks to the Kevlar, it doesn’t show fingerprints or scratches.

Kevlar Charging Case: The lightweight fiber offers protection for your MW08 Sport earbuds and superior durability. Designed to fit in your pocket, the case holds an additional 30 hours of battery life for up to 42 hours of total playtime and an IPX4 water resistance rating

Thankfully, while the battery case may look different, it still provides amazing battery life and adds 30 additional hours of charge to the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport. Combined with the earbuds’ 12 hours of playback, you get up to 42 hours total playtime per charge. In addition, the new system charges the earbuds to 50% charge in 15 minutes and takes just an hour to provide a full charge.

But there’s more.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport Review: Active Noise-Cancelling True Wireless Earphones That Sound Amazing

For the first time, Master & Dynamic have added Qi wireless charging to their TWE. Place the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport battery case on a wireless charging pad, and the lights on the case will illuminate and indicate the earbuds are charging.

The company has even released its own Qi wireless charging pad. Made from cast aluminum and coated canvas, the MC100 Wireless Charge Pad is a separate purchase. It is a beautiful accessory that deserves its own review. Keep an eye out for it!

Shatter-Resistant Sapphire Glass: Built to stand up to any workout with a luxe metallic finish

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

The changes don’t stop at the battery case. The Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport looks similar to the MW08, but that’s largely where the similarities end. The biggest change is the move from the acetate used in prior M&D TWE to shatter-resistant sapphire glass. It looks fantastic and is so tough that it should stand up to the test of time and keep looking new.

Designed with shatter-resistant sapphire glass and a custom Kevlar fiber charging case with wireless charging, MW08 Sport is built to endure. Power through with Hybrid Active Noise-Cancellation, 2 Ambient Listening modes for improved outdoor awareness, and memory foam ear tips for an enhanced and comfortable fit. Hear your workout playlist in a whole new way.

The other noticeable change to the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport is the external aluminum antennas. A ring of silver metal runs around each earbud, and along with the Bluetooth 5.2 on board, provides a rock-solid connection. Not only have I not had a single connectivity issue with the MW08 Sport, but I’ve been impressed by their 100-foot range. It’s design advancements like this that keep Master & Dynamic TWE are the head of the pack.

Here’s Master & Dynamic’s promotional video.

Inside the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport, you’ll find powerful, 11mm Beryllium acoustic drivers. M&D claim they “provide a wide soundstage and deliver a rich, warm sound that mimics the acoustics of a live performance.” I have to concur. I’ve always been a fan of the company’s earbud tuning, and these earbuds are no exception. They sound fantastic!

Hybrid Active Noise-Cancelling and Ambient Listening: Adapt to any environment with 2 Ambient Listening transparency modes for improved awareness outdoors and 2 modes of Active Noise-Cancellation

Like the MW08, the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport offers hybrid active noise cancellation and ambient listening. Using the accompanying app, more on that in a moment, you can choose from one of two different ambient listening transparency modes and two different levels of active noise cancellation.

That means listeners have full control over how isolated they are or how much ambient sound they let in. That’s not only a great way to enhance the listening experience, but it is also a good safety feature if you are walking in public.

6-Microphone Talk Solution: A proprietary wind-reduction microphone array means clearer calls wherever you are – focus only on the sound you want

The ANC and Transparency modes are made possible by a 6-microphone array. This system is not only effective at noise reduction, but it also means you can use the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport for serious work calls too.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport

The left earbud has two buttons along the top. These are primarily for controlling the volume but are also used to control the ANC and Ambient Listening Modes. For example, pressing and holding the Volume Up button turns the Ambient Listening Mode on and off. Pressing and holding the Volume Down button turns the ANC on and off.

The right earbud has a single multi-function button. One press plays and pauses the audio. Two quick presses advance the track; as you might expect, three quick presses repeat the current track. Pressing and holding the button activates the phone or tablet’s voice assistant. Finally, when a call is coming in, a quick press of the multi-function button answers the call.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport controls

It is a straightforward approach that only took me a few minutes to learn. I appreciate M&D not making the controls overly complicated as I don’t believe you should need an advanced degree to learn how to use your earbuds. I also appreciate the fact that M&D continues to use physical buttons rather than the capacity control approach many companies take. The harsh reality is that capacity controls are NEVER as good as physical ones.

Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport included eartips

The Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport comes with five sets of silicone ear tips and two memory foam ear tips. Short of having custom molded ear tips, including a wide range of different ear tips is the best way for consumers to get the right seal and, as a result, the best sound. M&D knows this, which is why they included more ear tips than ever. Personally, I hope they come out with a custom-molded option sometime in the future.

Of course, in keeping with its “Sports” moniker, the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport has an IPX5 water resistance rating. The case is slightly less protected and has an IPX4 rating.

Finally, it is worth spending a few minutes on the M&D Connect App. A free download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, the app is a great way to adjust the settings and change the default preferences on the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport.

For example, The app lets you select between All Day ANC and more powerful aNC that decreases playback time. It also lets you select the amount of ambient sound let in when using the Transparency Mode.

The options the app offers are excellent, but I cannot help but think it could do more. For example, I would love to see the ability to remap some of the button controls or have control over the EQ. However, I’m not so bummed by this since the button layout already makes sense, and the earbuds sound excellent no matter the style of music I throw at it. The app also makes it easy to download and install updates.


  • BLUETOOTH PROFILE: Bluetooth 5.2 with AAC, SBC, Qualcomm aptX Adaptive, and Qualcomm’s state of the art True Wireless Mirroring technology
  • DIMENSIONS: Case: 64.8mm x 48.1mm x 26.8mm, Earphone: 21.19mm x 20.22mm x 25.08mm
  • DRIVERS: 11mm Beryllium
  • WEIGHT: Sport Earphones: 8.6g each, Charging Case: 56g
  • MATERIALS: Sapphire glass sport earbuds and Kevlar fiber case
  • EARPHONE BATTERY LIFE: Up to 12 hours playtime / 10 hours with ANC or Ambient Listening
  • EARPHONE CHARGE TIME: 50% charge in 15 minutes, 100% charge in 45 minutes
  • MICROPHONE TYPE: 6-microphone talk solution – 3 microphones in each sport earphone
  • WATERPROOF LEVEL: Wireless sport earbuds feature an IPX5 water resistance rating; the case features an IPX4 water resistance rating
  • ACTIVE NOISE-CANCELLING: Hybrid ANC sport earbuds with All Day ANC and ANC Max modes
  • AMBIENT LISTENING MODES: Awareness Mode, Voice Mode

I was blown away by the MW08 True Wireless Earbuds when they were released some months ago. They initially looked like an incremental upgrade to the MW07 Plus, but while they looked and felt similar, thanks to the smaller size, redesigned ear tip, and addition of ANC, they were an entirely new experience.

The Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport also looks like a modest incremental upgrade. However, once you start using them, it becomes clear that Master & Dynamic threw every ounce of knowledge and creativity into their design. The battery case is similar to the one that ships with the MW08, but it is light years ahead thanks to the use of Kevlar and the inclusion of wireless charging.

The earbuds look similar, but the use of sapphire glass gives them an even more refined appearance and promises to be even tougher and more scratch-resistant.

As for the sound, M&D headphones and earphones have never failed to impress me. This is no exception. I think the Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport sound even better than the MW08, but that may simply be the result of my getting an even better seal with the included memory foam ear tips.

The Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport has largely replaced the MW08 for me, but that is more about the improved charging case than anything else. Both sound great. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with the MW08 or the MW08 Sport.

If you already own the MW08, you might want to wait for the next update. If, however, you are in the market for a pair of earbuds that sound amazing, get excellent battery life, are tough enough to survive the real work, and deliver effective ANC and Active Listening, you owe it to yourself to check these Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport out. To my ears, these are the best TWE currently available.

The Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport retails for $349; they are available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: The MW08 Sport look and sound fantastic; Battery case now covered in Kevlar and Qi-wireless enabled; Comes with five different sets of ear tips; Get excellent battery life; Comfortable

What Needs Improvement: App could do more; They are pricey

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