Don’t Miss a Thing with These Induction Headphones, Now Only $33.99

TL;DR: If you want to listen to music without blocking out your spatial awareness, try a pair of Open Ear Induction Wireless Headphones. These, in particular, are comfortable, wireless, and waterproof; they are also only $33.99 (regularly $79). 

Whether you’re working or working out, playing a little music while you get down to business can be nice. The only problem is that some headphones completely block out all other sounds, so you won’t be able to tell if your boss is asking you a question or if another jogger is coming up on your left.

If you want to keep the music without blocking out the sounds around you, try these Open Ear Induction Stereo Wireless Headphones while they’re only $33.99 (reg. $79). 

Don’t Miss a Thing with These Induction Headphones, Now Only $33.99

Headphones to wear while you exercise 

These headphones actually use some of the same technology that goes into hearing aids. Bone conduction allows the sound to totally bypass your eardrum. That’s how these headphones can get away with producing super clear audio without actually blocking out any noise from the outside world. No more worrying about what sounds you’re missing when riding your eBike through town.

Run in the rain with these IPX6 water-resistant headphones. They’re totally safe from high-pressure water streams from any direction, but you don’t want to take them swimming. 

These headphones have a max battery life of six hours on a single charge, and they’re coated with a matte finish that’s comfortable to wear for long periods. Plus, listening to music isn’t the only thing they can do. Switch from jamming to your favorite productivity playlist to taking calls with a built-in mic. 

Here’s what one of our verified buyers had to say: “Lightweight, great sound, and quality made item of soft, pliable materials. Purchased a cheaper similar headset and was not impressed. THIS item is worth it!”

For now, these headphones are 57% off 

Bone conduction headphones aren’t magic, but it might feel like it. You don’t have to miss any of the sounds around you, but you can still play music. 

Don’t pay $79 for these Open Ear Induction Stereo Wireless Headphones when you can still get them for just $33.99. 


Don’t Miss a Thing with These Induction Headphones, Now Only $33.99

Open Ear Induction Stereo Wireless Headphones – $33.99

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