Atomi Alpha Review: Stylish Folding Electric Kick Scooter with a Light Show

The Lowdown

I found the Atomi Alpha to be an attractive product with excellent design and solid construction. Riding the scooter is fun, and I found no issues reaching its top speed or with handling or braking.



  • Design
  • Build quality
  • Battery life
  • Customizable lighting


  • The kickstand is too short
  • The display screen is hard to read in daylight
  • Reliability
  • Handlebar height isn’t adjustable

The Atomi Alpha is a stylish and sturdy electric scooter at a very reasonable price. Currently available from the manufacturer at $449.99 (less $200 during the Summer Sale) and $549.99 at Amazon, it offers many features that make it an attractive buy.

The Atomi Alpha scooter

The body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the overall fit and finish are excellent. The way in which the unit closes and unfolds, as well as the feel of the buttons and controls, give a good impression.

The unit features a rear suspension and 9-inch wheels with tubeless tires, which help provide a smooth ride on pavement and grass even while running over minor debris such as twigs and small stones.

As the tires have no innertubes, they can be ridden at lower pressure for improved comfort, traction, and rolling performance on rough surfaces. I did not feel the need to reduce the tire pressure in order to cross any typical surfaces.

Atomi Alpha

The back wheel of the scooter is equipped with a motor that offers a max 650W, although most of the time, it runs at about half of that power. Nevertheless, the unit can accommodate riders up to 265 pounds and is capable of ascending hills up to 20 degrees in slope.

On my test rides around town, I descended and ascended hills that exceeded that limit and always felt in control and safe. The unit has E ABS and dual drum brakes, which provide ample stopping power even with my 200-pound frame going down steep hills.

Atomi Alpha folded

The Alpha uses a 10Ah 18650 power lithium battery which will provide up to 25 miles of range from a single charge. I have not been able to confirm that distance, as my size and weight and the fact that I live in a hilly area may greatly affect the total.

From the Atomi website: “It was tested fully charged, with a 75kg rider at 25°C, with no wind on a level road in pedestrian mode at a uniform velocity of 15km/h. Actual results may vary based on differences in temperature, load, wind speed, road conditions and other factors.”

I found the recharging to be quicker than expected. The recharging cord plugs into a socket hidden behind the kickstand at the scooter’s base. It can take some effort to locate the socket unless you crawl on the floor.

The kickstand itself is a bit too short for most situations and is completely useless unless used on pavement or otherwise solid ground. There is an optional rubber foot that can be attached, which makes the stand longer and wider.

This is great for solving the issues of stability, but when in place, you cannot fully close the kickstand.

An LCD is built into the steering stalk. It displays primary information such as speed, battery level, and mileage, as well as indicators for turn signals, the headlight, cruise control, an electric lock, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The display also shows error messages and overheating warnings. In lower light situations, the bright display is high-resolution and clear, but the highly reflective plastic and viewing angle for someone of my six-foot height make reading the display challenging in most daylight conditions. Perhaps this could be solved by employing an adjustable handlebar stalk.

Atomi Alpha Review: Stylish Folding Electric Kick Scooter with a Light ShowThe scooter provides greater control of its functions and options through an associated Atomi app which allows users to select from three-speed modes Eco, Standard, and Sport. I suppose that if you were running out of power, you might select a slower mode, but I set it to Sport and have never changed it.

The 18 MPH maximum speed is sufficient but never seems too fast. The app also features displays for battery Level, navigation, riding record, distance, cruise control, lighting pattern, and more.

The Atomi Alpha has a few features not typically found on scooters. These include a built-in combination lock and cable and enhanced lighting.

On the right side of the scooter’s base is an integrated combination lock and a door with an extendable cable. I would not trust this for overnight use, but for a quick stop, it should be fine. But in truth, unless you are carrying all but the heaviest locks and cables, it seems that if someone wants it bad enough, they can steal it.

The handlebars include control for turn signals which are integrated into the back of the unit on either side of the rear wheel. The handlebars also include the brake lever and a bell.

The brake light is integrated into the rear fender. The scooter also features a headlight which is controlled by the main power switch or from the app. The folding mechanism is easy to use and secure in both positions.

The enhanced lighting is perhaps the Alpha’s most prominent feature. LED lights are integrated into the steering stalk as well as under the scooter’s base. There are 14 colorful modes of ambient lights available, which are selected from the Atomi app.

Atomi Alpha  Specifications

Color Pine Green
Speed Modes Eco 6.2mph (10km/h); Standard 12.4mph (20km/h); Sport 18.6mph (30km/h)
Max Range 25 Miles
Max Slope 20°
IP Rating IP65
Battery 36V 10Ah/ 360 Watt
Brake System E-ABS + Drum Brake
Wheel 9-inch Anti-Puncture Tubeless Tires
Motor 650W Brushless Hall Motor
Charger 42V 2A
Lights Front LED Light, Rear Brake Light, Ambient Light Bars on the stem and under the deck
Max Load 265lbs
Required Height 3’11”- 6’6″ (120-200cm)
Net Weight 36.3lbs
Unfold Size 44.5*21.9*47.6 in (1130*555*1210mm)
Fold Size 44.5*21.9*19.5 in (1130*555*495mm)

I found the Atomi Alpha to be an attractive product with excellent design and solid construction. Riding the scooter is fun, and I found no issues reaching its top speed or with handling or braking.

That said, and having no doubt of Atomi’s claim of being “worldwide certified and strictly tested,” we did run into some quality control issues. The first unit that we were sent did not work at all. The replacement scooter worked well for a few weeks and then was suddenly unresponsive despite being fully charged.

I can commend Atomi on their excellent customer service, which delivered a third scooter quickly, and I am very happy to report that after many tests, it has had no issues at all. Atomi Alpha scooters also come with “The most comprehensive worry-free warranty in the industry. Wears and Tears are covered for 24 months.”

The Atomi Alpha sells for $499.99 directly from the manufacturer and other retailers, including Amazon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Design; Build quality; Battery life; Customizable lighting

What Needs Improvement: The kickstand is too short; The display screen is hard to read in daylight; Reliability; Handlebar height isn’t adjustable

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