The Safemo 2-Camera & Hub Set P1 with 5W Solar Panels Offers a Local, AI-based Home Security System

A newcomer to the home security market, Singapore-based Safemo (a combination of the words Safe and Mode) offers a new home security system composed of two wireless cameras and a hub with two 5W solar panels. As with other systems on the market, this system can differentiate between people, vehicles, and packages, but unlike other systems, it does so locally using AI and data processing, all without a monthly subscription. Up to six months of data and video (32GB) can be stored on the device. An optional SSD hard drive can add up to 4TB of storage.

The Safemo 2-Camera & Hub Set P1 with 5W Solar Panels

Furthermore, the hub prioritizes user privacy by managing video footage and sensitive information on local hardware, which not only means that you are not sharing this information with anyone else but also enhances system responsiveness and efficiency. You can choose to share system access with your family so that they can view recordings and stay informed.

The Safemo 2-Camera & Hub Set P1 with 5W Solar PanelsYou’ll have immediate access to 4K footage, and using SafeRTC technology, all communications between the system and your smartphone will be encrypted. This keeps the entire system safe and completely private. The system is currently compatible with iOS, with Android coming soon.

Some advanced features of the Safemo P1 Set include the ability to customize alerts to look for unfamiliar faces or send notifications for familiar ones. The system can also track individuals across multiple cameras, and the activities of the same person are spliced into a single feed.

The Safemo 2-Camera & Hub Set P1 with 5W Solar Panels

The outdoor 4K ultra high-definition (3840×2160 resolution) cameras and solar panels are built of weather-resistant materials and IP65 rated and can be mounted wherever needed. Users can tailor the motion tracking zones to focus on exactly what is desired and reduce unwanted alerts. The cameras feature two-way audio, color night vision, and an 8X zoom.

The cameras also feature rechargeable batteries that can be removed and recharged independently. The batteries deliver up to 180 days of power on a single charge. The system’s two solar panels are adjustable and detachable and boast a 28% increase in overall performance over the competition with just 2-3 hours of daily direct sunlight, which can sustain operation for up to 3 days.

The Safemo 2-Camera & Hub Set P1 with 5W Solar Panels is now available for pre-order at $399.99

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