MediaTek Genio Aims to Make AI Chipsets Even Smarter!

We all love our shiny technology, especially now that it is all getting even smarter and more connected. But here’s the thing — the more we want our devices to keep up with us, the more they need that boost under the hood. To that end, the new MediaTek Genio chipsets aim to bring more power and support to devices featuring AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things).

MediaTek Genio Aims to Make AI Chipsets Even Smarter!

MediaTek Genio will provide CPU, GPU, and APU (AI Processing Unit), so all the key drivers of performance will work together, supporting cameras, displays, and other areas where that extra boost of AI makes the difference. There’s actually a whole series of Genio chipsets, all designed to cover different market needs:

  • Genio 1200 for premium AIoT applications that need best-in-class performance, support for the  latest multimedia standards and 4K displays, and exceptional power efficiency 
  • Genio 500 for home and commercial IoT applications that require high-performance edge processing and advanced multimedia capabilities. 
  • Genio 350 for hubs in retail, industrial, and medical environments that require lighter vision and voice edge processing.  
  • Genio 130 for thin-OS and cloud-supported voice assistant devices that require an audio and microphone-orientated platform.  
  • Genio 300A for display-oriented, touchscreen-enabled smart hub devices that require voice assistants.  
  • Genio 300B for cloud-connected voice assistant devices.

You may not have had it on your radar before, but you will benefit from the MediaTek Genio platform before you know it! You can learn more about it here.

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  1. It’s interesting that these aren’t targeted for the uses that consumers are most familiar with, smartphones and tablets.

  2. Lucas Brown | June 1, 2022 at 1:10 pm |

    This Genio 1200 by Mediatek is a really good chip as it going to render some great performances.

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