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February 5, 2008 • Reviews

Review: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, Creating The Pictures You Wish You Has Taken Yourself

About six years ago, when we were preparing for the birth of my first son, I went out and treated myself to a fancy new camcorder. This thing, a Sony, had the works. All of the latest and greatest…including a one megapixel camera (yeah, did I mention this was in late 2001?) I had big …

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March 13, 2007 • Reviews

The MacDrive 7 Review

Mitchell?s comments in Black, Chris? comments in Blue Since my switch to Mac back in December I haven?t had very many problems integrating my MacBook Pro into my life. Except for a few programs that I can?t find equivalents for in Mac OS X, it has gone pretty smoothly. One area that has frustrated me …

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January 4, 2007 • Reviews

The Minds Refined Art Dealer Game Review

Soon after I signed Gear Diary up for Google’s AdSense, I noticed a new advertisement for something called Art Dealer. I had already weeded out the totally irrelevant ads for Kangol hats, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, a zen garden, and lingerie (don’t ask!), and I was tempted to weed out this ad, too. But instead …

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November 21, 2006 • Reviews

The Phantom EFX Reel Deal Casino High Roller Review

Reel Deal is a casino PC game.? Specs include Windows 2000 or later, CD-Rom, 1.5 GB hard drive, DirectX 9.0b or later, DirectX compatible video card.? Money and VIP comp points are earned as you play slot machines, table games and enter tournaments.? The casino is easy to navigate and there is a menu board …

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October 11, 2006 • Reviews

BeNetSafe Internet Security Software Review

As parents we like to think that we know our kids, that we know they would never do or say certain things. But the fact is that we can never be too sure; all we can do is educate them, hope that they are being careful, and trust that they are being smart. If I …

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