The 21.5″ Lenovo Smart Frame Will Be Pre-Selling on Indiegogo; Here’s How You Can Get 50% Off

The Lenovo Smart Frame was one of my favorites new products announced at CES this year. Styled like a professionally matted portrait, the 21.5″ Smart Frame uses AI to curate your photo collection and build custom digital collages. A smartphone app will be available with hundreds of artworks that can be displayed on your Smart Frame, but you can also load your own photos. You can use hand gestures to play, pause, or continue the displayed photos or videos.


The 21.5" Lenovo Smart Frame Will Be Pre-Selling on Indiegogo; Here's How You Can Get 50% Off

One of the coolest things about the Smart Frame, beyond the hand gesture commands, is that it uses a snap-on mounting system that allows you to display your photos either vertically or horizontally at any time with a simple 90º rotation. You’ll be able to choose from a gallery of optional frame colors and materials to make sure that the Smart Frame fits in your home. The Lenovo Smart Frame is on track for an August 3rd release this year, with prices starting at $399. But if you don’t mind being an early user, you can get a Smart Frame for 50% by backing it through Indiegogo. Why would an established brand like Lenovo go the whole crowdfunding route? Quite simply, they want to build a community that will help direct the Smart Frame’s future features and capabilities.

For this new category product, Lenovo is seeking to build a community of engaged and enthusiastic users who not only want the upcoming Smart Frame but can provide input for ideas and features on what they might want for this type of product in the future. We think IndieGoGo is a great place to build a passionate community on this topic.

Starting today, you can sign up on the Lenovo site for access to an exclusive limited-quantity of Smart Frames at a 50% discount when you preorder through Indiegogo. If you’d love to tidy up your cluttered photo table and add thousands more images to the mix, you’re going to want the Lenovo Smart Frame. Why not take advantage of Lenovo offering to sweeten the deal for being a Smart Frame early adopter with 50% off? It seems like a no-brainer to me.

The 21.5" Lenovo Smart Frame Will Be Pre-Selling on Indiegogo; Here's How You Can Get 50% Off

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