Epson Introduces Stylus NX420… First Wireless-N All-In-One Under $100

I have been happily using an Epson all-in-one printer since I reviewed one for the site last year. The printer does everything I need and much more. Best of all it does it quickly and accurately, and it’s relatively easy to use despite the huge number of functions available through it. It is intended for a small office, and so it hasn’t gotten the wear and tear that others might put on it, but over a year later it’s working other than ever. In fact, it fit what my dad needed so I set it up for him when he…

Mariner Paperless – Review

I am a huge user of Evernote for saving, storing and accessing my documents. I find that it works remarkably well. I especially love the fact that, thanks to the ability of it to apply OCR to documents and images that are put into the system, it lets me search for information using just a few keywords. I have a Fujitsu highspeed scanner and find that it works quite well in conjunction with Evernote. I have many friends however who are not all that comfortable with storing data “in the cloud”, even when local copies can be kept as well….

Epson WorkForce 600 Multi-Function Printer Review

The timing could not have been better. Our ancient multifunction printer had seen its last day, and we needed a good printer to replace it since I do much of my writing from my home study and my wife has recently started her own business. I was in the midst of doing the research  as to which printer to buy when I was offered the opportunity to review the Epson Workforce 600. As luck would have it, the Workforce 600 was already on my shortlist. I’m glad I said “Yes” to reviewing the WorkForce 600, as this is definitely a…