Paris Hilton Releases New Music Video to Make You Appreciate the Greatness of Rebecca Black

… or, at least that is how it seems. Paris Hilton had a amazingly dreadful album a few years ago that made people realize that no amount of money can buy you talent, and apparently it also can’t buy good enough taste in producers or songwriters to put together something reasonable.

Welcome to 2012 and the new release from Paris Hilton just a couple weeks after the one year anniversary of Rebecca Black’s Friday. And while many call that song the worst ever … this one makes Friday look like genius.

The song is bad enough, but the video is worse. Ms. Hilton is only 31, but in the video she looks excessively made up in an attempt to wash out the effects of years of hard living … the result is she looks awful.

Speaking of awful … please close the page and DON’T click play below – you’ll thank me later.


Source: Buzzfeed

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  1. Link to video is not working.

  2. I liked Paris better when she was getting slashed in the movies…