Flowchart Helps You Decide If You Should Send That Email (Hint: No)

Flowchart Helps You Decide If You Should Send That Email (Hint: No)

Across the last two companies I have worked for the past 20 years, I have taken about 10 email etiquette courses and refreshers. There are loads of rules about whether or not to send, who to include, what to say and how to say it, and when to just step away from the computer and make human contact.

Now we have a flow chart that will help any home or business user make that decision. And not surprisingly for anyone who has taken one of these corporate email classes … in most cases the answer is ‘NO’!

Here is the full chart to help you make that decision:

Flowchart Helps You Decide If You Should Send That Email (Hint: No)

Source: Buzzfeed

And don’t worry … I already forwarded the link along to everyone in my work and personal email address book!

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  1. Pfft.  All the sturm-and-drang I see about lack of office productivity because of the internet is so overblown.  If we didn’t have the web to surf or pointless emails to send and/or forward, we’d find plenty of *other* ways of wasting time.  Longer lunches; the water cooler; stretching meetings with B.S. sessions; going for “walks” that are really just an excuse to get out of the office; etc. There will always be a push by “management” to get people to do nothing but “work” all day long, and all it will lead to is people finding newer and more clever ways to avoid “work”.  C’est l’meme chose.

  2. Yeah – but think of all the cool ways you could waste your time if you didn’t have to deal all of those crap emails!

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