BROpener Lets You Turn Any Surface Into a Bottle Opener

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Summer is here, and that means sun, fun and beer. It also means that GearFest 2013 is coming soon. THAT means we’ll be enjoying lots and lots of IPAs. After all they are Kevin’s favorite, and he has made an IPA-lover out of me too. Last GearFest our bottle opener saw a good bit of use. This year it will be staying in the drawer, because instead of using a standard bottle opener, we will be using the BROpener. The BROpener was a successful Kickstarter project that quickly, and easily turns any surface into a bottle opener. And while I still think the name is kind of dumb, it is memorable, and the BROpener does exactly what it promises.

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Here’s a look at the BROpener in action.

As you can see the BROpener is a simple product that does one thing and does it well. It formalizes the ad hoc way we used to open beer in my fraternity — we damaged more than a few desks and countertops along the way — and lets you have a permanent opener wherever and whenever you want it. If you open a lot of bottles and want a less refined way than using a traditional opener, then you’ll like the BROpener. I just wish the name wasn’t emboldened right on the front.

My only remaining question is, when Judie uses it to open her beer during GearFest, does the BROpener become the SISpener? You can learn more and order yours here.

MSRP: $16, 5 pack for $75, 10 pack for $140, 5 pack of tape for $5

What I Like: Simple idea that delivers on its promise and turns any surface into a bottle opener

What Needs Improvement: The name is a bit too frat-boyish and having in on the surface is a shame

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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  1. > I just wish the name wasn’t emboldened right on the front.

    Nothing that some steel wool can’t take care of!