Time to Grab Your Kindle, a Blanket and a Steaming Mug of Starbuck’s New Caramel Coffee

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The temperature may be in the 80s in New Jersey today but there is no doubt fall is here. The temperature is sure to plummet and, when it does, a mug of Starbuck’s new Caramel or Vanilla K-Cup coffee will be just the thing. I’ve tried both and all I can say is… yum! Check them out.

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  1. OK! I JUST might have to get some for the K75 I have. Oh…yeah…so far I am LOVING it! Will try to write the review up this weekend!

  2. Those sound delicious.

    Starbucks just opened less than a mile from my house. Not only can we walk there in good weather, when its cold we could drive there in less time than it takes for the Keurig to warm up. And now that I’ve read this, and keep thinking about coffee, all I want is to walk to Starbucks after work.

    Damn you and your delicious coffee, Starbucks.

    • LOL!

      I have a new K75…and I LOVE the clock on it. It comes on when I tell it to. When I stumble out of bed I have coffee in about a minute. :-)

      Review in the works….just about had it for a week.