The Rivet Clip System Review

It’s an issue that has been around since people first started carrying mobile devices: What’s the best way to carry your phone or MP3 player so that it will be easily accessible, less likely to be stolen, and less likely to be forgotten?

An obvious answer might be to keep the device inside a case that attaches to the wearer’s belt, but some don’t want the hassle of a bulky case; they need something that offers a little bit more flexibility.

With that in mind, say hello to the Rivet Clip System, specifically the Kingpin, Shift and GoClip.


Here are the three kits unpacked, from the left to right are the Kingpin Device Leash, the GoClip, and the Shift. In the little baggies are the alcohol wipes and application specific clips which come with each accessory.


All components are made of stainless steel; they feel very well made and substantial. With that said, there is an obvious downside to using any of these items: lack of device protection.

If you are a total klutz, with a past history of dropping your electronics during amazing butterfingers displays, then you will need to keep in mind that should you undo your device from one of these components, you’ll have to be very careful that it isn’t dropped while untethered.

Here’s a look at the kit that comes with the Shift Clip. Like all of the other packs, it includes a alcohol wipe and a fixed pin which attaches to your device with the round patch of 3M double stick tape. The Shift kit also includes a dash plate (the longer piece with two pins), so that the clip can be attached to the wearer’s belt or somewhere else.


No matter the accessory, all Rivet System components attach to a fixed pin which has been mounted on the device; you can learn how to install the fixed pin by watching this tutorial.


Let’s look at each accessory individually…


Use the versatile GoClip to attach your MP3 player or cell phone quickly and easily to your belt loop, backpack or bag. Simply attach the included Fixed Pin to your device; the GoClip features an exclusive slider for secure attachment and quick release of the pin.

The GoClip is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their mobile devices handy at all times.

The GoClip measures about 1.75″ long, and it has a 0.75″ long spring clip so that it can be attached to a belt loop, a thinner-width bag strap, or a backpack’s D ring. Note the arrow pointing away from the slot? That is a sliding mechanism which when pushed exposes the holster which will securely hold the fixed pin.


The good thing about this particular accessory is that it allows absolute flexibility, because nearly any device can be affixed with a fixed pin and then attached to a GoClip.

Let’s keep it within reason though; when I say any device I mean items the size of a typical mobile phone, iPod, or smaller GPS.

photo courtesy of Rivet

When using this system, the GoClip allows the device to swivel out of the way, which will help when sitting and moving around. It is very simple to remove an attached device from the GoClip, so you wouldn’t even have to undo the GoClip when answering your phone or looking at an MP3 player’s screen.

photo courtesy of Rivet

Kingpin Device Leash

The Kingpin is a great solution for anyone who wants to keep their phone, PDA, camera, and other mobile devices easily accessible. Simply clip the Kingpin to your purse strap or belt loop and drop your device into your bag or pocket. You will always be able to find it quickly and conveniently at the end of the chain.

The Kingpin’s easy release function allows you to quickly detach your phone so you will never miss a call.

The Kingpin reminds me of those chains that you’ll see attached to people’s wallets, so that they aren’t dropped or stolen; here, the same principle is being applied to personal electronics…

photo courtesy of Rivet

In this pack you get a 14.75″ long stainless steel tether, which has a sliding lock mechanism on one end to receive a fixed pin, and a clip on the other to attach to a bag strap or belt loop.


I think that this would be a really handy feature for people who are constantly digging in their purses for their mobile; instead of doing that they can just feel for the stainless tether, and then follow along to its end and the attached device.

photo courtesy of Rivet

Shift Belt Clip

The discreet and functional design allows you to simply shift your phone easily from your belt to your car dashboard. The durable Rivet Belt Clip™  keeps your phone securely on your belt but allows it to swivel smoothly out of the way for comfort whether you’re sitting in a meeting, on the road or on the go.

Detach your phone quickly with one hand and continue to do business with the other. The high end stainless steel design will complement your phone and your style.

This is an item that I think a lot of people will be interested in, because it not only allows you to securely attach your device to your belt, pocket or wider bag strap, but you can also use it to attach a device to flat surfaces, such as a dashboard, refrigerator, or filing cabinet.

Besides the fixed pin, this kit includes three major components – the shift clip, a belt clip attachment, and a fixed attachment for a flat surface.

photo courtesy of Rivet

The Shift clip measures 1.75″ long x 0.5″ wide, and when attached to the removable belt clip, it is about 0.6″ thick. This is easily one of the most elegant belt clips I have ever seen, and it appears to be quite tough, too.

Pressing the tabs in the clips middle releases the belt clip or dash adhesive plate easily, but when it’s not pressed, either accessory is very firmly held in place.



The clip will hold up to a 1.5″ belt or strap securely, and there is a 0.1″ lip on its inner edge to keep things from slipping.


photo courtesy of Rivet

Any of these Rivet Clip System accessories would be great for a person who wants a simple, secure, and good-looking way to keep their devices handy.

The Rivet Clip System is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: The Kingpin retails for $21.90, the Shift retails for $24.90, and the GoClip is $13.90.

What I Like: Easy to attach fixed pin; same fixed pin allows device to attach to other accessories for various applications; easy access to device when it is tethered; easy to attach and remove device from various accessories

What Needs Improvement: When using this system, you will have to be conscious of the fact that there is no protection for devices should they be dropped or dinged

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  1. Doyle Reese Jr | February 24, 2009 at 12:37 am |

    I use this system for my LG Voyager to attach to my pants and then attach to my car during travel with a hands-free unit. Great replacement for any small device that has the urge to slide off and hit the ground.

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