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November 21, 2009 • Reviews

Seagate FreeAgent Go – Review


More and more of our digital lives is left sitting on our computers. As a result we need a better way to access it. Seagate has that covered with a system that is not only simple to use but simple to set up as well. It consists of three parts. The first is Seagate’s FreeAgent Go portable hard drive. (You can use any USB hard drive but the system is designed for the FreeAgent Go). The second is the FreeAgent DockStar that incorporates a PogoPlug for anywhere access to your data. The third, if you are an iPhone or iPod touch user, is the PogoPlug iPhone app. The three work seamlessly to let you access all your content no matter where you are. So long as you have a data connection, that is.

Let’s look at each… and in this first post we’ll look at the FreeAgent Go.


From Seagate:

The ultimate portable storage solution with the world’s first hard drive docking station for easy access to all your stuff. Sleek, ultra-thin design that’s as stylish as it is striking.

* Store photos, music, and other files
* Carry your data anywhere you want
* Sync data between computers
* Back up files using the optional dock

Get a lot without carrying a lot. And look good while you do it.
Simple backup and sync.

My thoughts-
I like this drive a lot. The unit Seagate was kind enough to send me to review and then continue using has a nice big capacity of 640GB yet it is only a bit larger than my iPhone 3GS. With capacities ranging from 250GB to 1TB you can find the right size drive, and price-point, for your needs and budget.


Th case is sturdy and comes in a rainbow of colors. While I don’t need my hard drive to be a fashion statement it is nice to have a drive that looks this sleek.


The only port on it is a mini-USB. It provides both power and connectivity. The main thing the drive has going for it is size.



It isn’t much bigger than my iPhone 3GS.


It isn’t much wider either.

Best of all. It just works. At this size and weight you can toss it in a bag and go.


And with the optional dock it is even easier to connect when you get home.

The FreeAgent Go is available in capacities of 250GB to 1TB. Prices range from $89.99 to $229.99. It is available in a wide range of colors.

What I Like:

Small, huge capacity, well-priced, easy to carry,

What Needs Improvement:

The basic cradle should come packaged with it rather than be an add-on

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