Overboard & Snappy for the iPhone

For those of you who are running jail-broken iPhones take note.  We’ve seen some really amazing releases over the last few days.

I’ve chose to highlight two of them in the video below.

Overboard, which is essentially a version of the Mac utility Expose, makes it really easy to jump around your iPhone’s various springboard pages.  Overboard is available for $1.99 via the modmyi source.

And Snappy allows you to quickly access the camera application from any screen including the lock screen allowing you to be able to quickly snap pictures when you choose.  What’s really great about it you can be in a running application, use Snappy to capture a picture and then close Snappy returning the previous application.  Snappy is also available for $1.99 via Cydia.

Check out the video demo below of both applications.

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