YUBZ Magnum Review: Hands Free Calling and Audio Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is often underused in my eyes.  For a long time there was no use beyond sending ring tones and talking over a wireless ear piece.  As of late, this technology has found greater utilization allowing for wireless syncing in vehicles and even multi-player gaming.  Using Bluetooth to listen to music has become a great option while on the go or for wireless listening.

The YUBZ Magnum takes several of these technologies and combines them in one attractive device.  I was hesitant before testing the unit since crossover devices often do not successfully execute both tasks.  Here’s how I was pleasantly surprised and corrected …From the YUBZ (Which stands for “Why you busy?”) site, the Magnum:

-Acts as a hands-free speaker-phone device-Pre-programmed for all mobile and computer devices with Bluetooth capability (version 2.0 or higher)

– Has a transmission range up to 30 feet (approx. 10 meters)

-Gets up to 10 hours battery life with 4xAA batteries (not included)

-Has an AC-powered cable & adapter included


The Magnum has the appearance of a tube woofer.  As you can see, it is a cylinder, and it is covered in an attractive faux leather which includes a blue glow under the YUBZ logo.  The product is quite stylish and looks fantastic.  Though difficult to see, control buttons are located below the logo.  My only complaint about the design is that it is perfectly round, so there is nothing to stop the Magnum from rolling away.  A couple of small nubs could prevent this and keep it upright at all times.  Four colors are available.  My review unit is charcoal (black) and would be my choice if purchasing in a store.  The Magnum is a little larger than a paper towel roll.  It measures 8 1/4 inches long and is 2 1/2 inches in diameter.  It is really light, but has just enough weight to feel like a quality product.  Carrying the unit around is no problem at all.


I have used several Bluetooth wireless speaker solutions.  Most of them work well, but have shallow flat sound.  The convenience usually out weighs these negatives and I have probably began to just accept sub-par audio quality.  Syncing the Magnum with my iPhone 3GS was quick and easy.  Subsequent syncs were near instant.  I was blown away immediately with the audio quality.  The speaker placement in the tube provide a nice stereo sound.  To my surprise, the bass is deep and highs are crisp.  I would compare the sound to a nicer set of computer speakers.  The sound coming from the small tube will surprise your ears.  Even at the highest volume, the audio quality remained clean.  The control buttons work well with one exception:  I was unable to change songs by pressing the forward and reverse buttons, but controlling the music on my phone worked completely.


An incoming call will interrupt and pause music, and it can be answered with a press of the power button.  In my tests, the call quality was decent.  The caller could be heard easily and clearly.  Voice quality to the caller is good.  The Magnum picked up my voice while sitting on my desk without me hollering or leaning into the microphone.  Once the call is ended, the music picks back up where it left off.  This is a good solution for Bluetooth wireless calling.


The Magnum box includes a USB AC adapter, a 3.5mm stereo cable and a carrying case with shoulder strap.  The stereo adapter is a nice inclusion enabling connecting the unit to audio devices that do not include Bluetooth support for audio listening.  The carrying case has straps along with shoulder strap to allow connecting the case to a chair or BBQ pit when outside.  The ends of the case are mesh so the audio quality is not effected while in use.  Basically the Magnum comes ready to use for any device right out of the box.

The YUBZ Magnum combines nice audio quality with a useful speaker phone and Bluetooth technology to bring a nice stylish product.  If you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker for audio or calling, I recommend this product.  Check out the YUBZ website to find retailers.  The suggested retail price is $79.99.

What I like: This product is stylish and includes great audio quality and a good Bluetooth speaker phone.

What could be improved: The next song button never changed my songs, and there should be something built into the design to keep the Magnum from rolling.

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