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December 31, 2009 • Reviews

Review: Throwboy Pillows, for the true Fan-Boy

Are you an Apple fan-boy?  Are you all Apple, all the the time?  If you are then you probably think that Apple’s icons are part of what make’s their operating system so nice to look at.

Now you can look at your Apple’s icons, dare I even say you can snuggle with them, when you’re away from your computer.


Throwboy makes handmade pillows usually in the shape of Mac related icons.  The pillows are available in two sets.  There’s the icon collection, chat  collection and they also make an individual RSS pillow.

This holiday season I received the full set of the icon collection and wanted to share them with you.

The icon collection consists of a set of 6 pillows.  Each pillow is available individually for $29 or you can opt to purchase all 6 for a discounted price of $149 ( saves you $25.)

Each pillow is hand made and came individually stuffed into a Zip Lock bag.   I found the packaging sort of odd, but remember they’re hand made, and Throwboy isn’t some ginormous manufacturing company.  As a matter of fact Throwboy consists of one person, Roberto, the owner and founder.  Roberto hand makes each pillow.

The pillows themselves measure approximately 11×9 and each is stuffed with polyester fibers.  They’re made from fleece and feel very soft.  The 11×9 size is a little smaller than I expected.  I don’t think the size makes for a pillow that you’ll want to put your head down on but these things are mostly about looking at them anyway.

The set of 6 icon pillows includes:




Photo Booth



Each pillow features a Throwboy tag on the back.

The pillows are machine washable, on a delicate, setting, so you’ll be able to keep them clean.  While they’re not necessarily cheap, they are hand made in the USA and that’s worth a little something extra to me.  The pillows aren’t huge but what they lack in size they make up with a fun, colorful look that allows you to express your true fan-boyness.

If you like them don’t wait to order.  It’s takes Throwboy 3-6 weeks to get each order together.

To learn more about the Throwboy pillows, view the other collections, or place an order, head to the company’s web site here.

M.S.R.P. – $29 each or $149 for set of 6.

What I like – colorful, soft, fun to look at.

What I don’t like – pillows are a little small.

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