Review: Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve

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Review: Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve Listen to this article

Review: Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve

Some people decorate and adorn their laptops with stickers or Gelaskins.  Sometimes you can buy a laptop that comes with a design on the back of the LCD that just begs to be shown off all the time even when it’s in the case.  That is exactly what the Altego Laptop Sleeve was made for.

Review: Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve

The Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve looks like most laptop sleeves do with the exception of the clear panel.  The clear panel even has padding in the form of clear square air bubbles all through the panel.  When your netbook or laptop is in this, any pattern on the back of the LCD is visible through this panel and is only broken up by the borders of the bubbles.  So your case doesn’t hide the beautiful pattern or your many stickers you may have applied to the back of your laptop’s LCD.

Review: Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve

The bottom portion of the sleeve also has bubbles, but is a grey color on the sample I received.  The outside of the bottom is black neoprene on mine.

Review: Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve

The air bubbles on both sides of the sleeve protected my netbook well as it jostled in my backpack when I was trekking to work through the Columbus winter. There is little to no protection on the sides of this sleeve like almost every sleeve I have ever used.  This sleeve also protects the netbook well when carrying it just in the sleeve as you head between meetings.

The sleeve adds almost no bulk to your netbook.  It’s actually less bulky than the Uniea sleeve I have been using.  It also adds almost no weight to the laptop or netbook you use with it.

Also, I like how the zipper goes all the way around the device.  This makes it easy to unzip it and get the device out.  I have frequently just unzipped the case and left it underneath the netbook as I am using it.

Review: Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve

One final thing about the Altego Clear sleeves is that it passes the specifications of a case that you can leave your computer in when going through a TSA checkpoint since there is no pocket on the outside.  This makes it convenient to take through security.

The Altego Clear Laptop Sleeve made by Samsill is available on for $22.69 for the 10 inch size, $26.74 for the 14 inch,$24.99 for the 15 inch and  $25.74 for the 17 inch.

What I liked: Showed off the laptop while it was in the case.  The air bubble protected the laptop well.

What needs improvement: I think it would be cool to use something other than a clear plastic for the translucent side.  Maybe a clear blue or a pink for the girls?  While I prefer clear, the other colors might make other people give it a second look.

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