Enjoy a Sand-Free Campsite With the CGear Multimat

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Enjoy a Sand-Free Campsite With the CGear Multimat Listen to this article

Enjoy a Sand-Free Campsite With the CGear Multimat

Anyone who has ever tried to camp where there is sand knows that it is nearly impossible to not track those demonic little grains into your tent or worse — into your sleeping bag. It’s just as bad at the beach, when you are trying to tan without wearing half the beach on your lower legs. CGear has a solution which they say will eliminate the problem – their Multimat. “The CGear Multimat was originally designed as a deployable helimat to eliminate dirt, dust and debris from being kicked up by the helicopters rotors when landing. The product was so successful in eliminating sand, dirt and dust from helicopter landings that we applied it to camping sites.”

The way the mat works is ingenious. The “dual-layer mesh technology” fabric is designed so that sand and dirt fall straight through, and yet it can’t get back up through the material. Sand and dirt fall onto the mat, and sift right through … and they stay under the mat. It looks absolutely amazing. The Multimat can also be used as a shade tarp (they say it provides 90%+ UV protection – but no protection from rain) or strung up as a windbreak. There are three sizes available – small (6′ x 6′) $50, medium (8′ x 8′) $60, and large (10’x’10) $75.

You’ll be able to find Multimats at specialty outdoor stores in May, including Sports Chalet and others soon to be confirmed.

Enjoy a Sand-Free Campsite With the CGear Multimat

The CGear Multimat looks like a brilliant and reasonably priced product that campers and sun worshipers won’t want to be without.

CGear Multimat

Enjoy a Sand-Free Campsite With the CGear Multimat

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