iSkin’s CERULEAN Line of Bluetooth Accessories Perfect For Use With Apple’s iPad

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The iPad makes you want to use Bluetooth more than ever. The reason is simple. Like the iPhone and the iPod touch it is great for carrying a lot of music, podcasts or audiobooks on the go. Like the iPhone and the iPod touch its capacity is amazing. Unlike the iPhone and iPod touch, however, you can’t easily stick the device in a speaker dock or plug in headphones and put it in your pocket.  Because of its size Bluetooth MAKES SENSE with the iPad in ways it never did before.

Imagine this. You walk into your office, tap the iPad and a speaker somewhere in the room starts pumping out some tunes. You walk into your kitchen with the iPad, it connects to a speaker there and starts playing the podcast you downloaded last night. You walk into the den… you get the idea. Since getting my iPad I’ve been looking into a number of different possible arrangements for using my iPad wirelessly.


Seems iSkin already has an entire system that makes this exact thing possible. In fact, they go one (or many) better than the iPad’s built-in Bluetooth capabilities with their CERULEAN product line.

iSkin's CERULEAN Line of Bluetooth Accessories Perfect For Use With Apple's iPad

First there is the CERULEAN TX transmitter. It  adds low-latency Bluetooth wireless transmission to the iPad beyond the iPad’s built-in capabilities. Its low profile design is sleek and never needs charging.  The TX also adds wireless audio functionality to your iPod®, first gen iPhone®, and even your Mac or PC that runs Windows ME or later.

iSkin's CERULEAN Line of Bluetooth Accessories Perfect For Use With Apple's iPad

Next up is the the CERULEAN RX. It isthe world’s first and only dockable Bluetooth audio receiver adapter that’s certified for use with powered docking speaker systems”.  The RX docks into the speaker system’s docking pin, which allows it to wirelessly receive audio transmitted from a CERULEAN TX equipped device or from the built-in Bluetooth on the iPad, iPhone, iPod or computer. in other words, the RX turns any iPhone or iPod dock into a Bluetooth speak that will seamlessly work with the iPad.

iSkin's CERULEAN Line of Bluetooth Accessories Perfect For Use With Apple's iPad

Finally there is the CERULEAN F1 stereo Bluetooth headset. It is designed to act as both a wireless stereo earphone and mono headset for handling cell phone or VoiP calls. As iSkin explains, “The F1’s lightweight design features track skip, play/pause and volume controls. Its controls are compatible with iTunes® on a Mac/PC, CERULEAN TX equipped iPod, as well as the iPod feature on the iPhone and iPad.”

Personally I think they all look great but the Cerulean RX is the standout accessory for getting music from your iPad out into the world.

iSkin's CERULEAN Line of Bluetooth Accessories Perfect For Use With Apple's iPad

Available bundles include the CERULEAN TX+RX wireless stereo Bluetooth transmitter and receiver combo that retails for $149.99, while the RX wireless Bluetooth receiver alone retails for $89.99.  Also available is the F1+TX wireless stereo Bluetooth transmitter and headset that retails for $149.99, while the F1 stereo Bluetooth headset alone retails for $99.99.  The CERULEAN product line can be purchased exclusively on

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