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May 7, 2010 • News

Need Something Small for Amazon Super Saver Shipping? Try This!

Have you ever been shopping at, have exactly what you need, but then realize that it you could only find something for $4 you would get free shipping? I know I have … and typically end up over-spending as a result!

But now with all you need to do is figure out how much you need to add to make free shipping, enter that amount into the search box, and you will get a rather massive list of possible items.

For example, I was looking at the excellent Picross 3D, which is $19.96, meaning I needed $5.04 in added stuff to fill out my $25 and get free shipping. Checking on FillerItem came up with this:

Which cost $5.11. I mean, more stuff … more cats … how can you go wrong?

So why do all of this? To save money, of course! Loot at the difference it makes before and after adding a filler item:

So … by simply filling out the difference to $25, I get a cool book full of people putting things on cats and taking pictures … for only $0.13 more than just the game I was getting anyway. Sweet dead! And they have Filler searchers for and other sites as well. So check it out!

Source: FillerItem

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