MyPadMedia Strikes Back

MyPadMedia Strikes Back

I bet you thought my skeptical post about MyPadMedia would be the end of it. You’d be wrong. First, a bit of background. I did email MyPadMedia asking for information on how their service worked, and I received back a pitch to receive commissions if I became an affiliate. Still no explanation of exactly what your $49.99 will buy.

Apparently, though, MyPadMedia did not like my post. Specifically, they requested the following to Judie:,

My name is Jonathan Crawford and I am the owner of

I demand that you remove you article entitled “Buyer beware-MyPadMedia” ( ) immediately.

Not only does the article falsey claim that my business is a “HUGE SCAM” and that the company is “spamming Twitter”, it also insinuates that myPadMedia provides pirated ebooks to customers.

If your writer had infact done any research at all, they would know that myPadMedia does NOT provide pirated material and that all content is licenced. We believe that your article is slanderous and damages the repuation of myPadMedia with false claims and allegations.

Unless the article is deleted within 48 hours, we will be contacting our attorneys at Friedman & Friedman PA and be forced to take legal action against your website We will also be contacting your host and domain provider unless the article is removed in 48 hours.

Please notify me when the article is removed.

Jonathan Crawford

Judie’s answer:

Hello Jonathan, and thank you for writing.

My editor, Carly Zektzer, presented facts pertaining to how we were informed of your business, what she found when she explored your site, and her concerns about the lack of hard information regarding what consumers would receive for their money when they paid $49.95.

When she wrote to your site for clarification for an article, rather than give her one iota of information about your “service”, she was told – and I quote:“Leaving the review aside for a moment, I would like to introduce you
to our affiliate program.

We have an affiliate program for webmasters which pays 75% for every
sale you send to us. That means, for each and every customer we get
through your site, you get $34.

If your site just sent us 5 sales a day, you would earn almost $1200 a week.
We already have many tech sites promoting our product, earning more than this each week!”

Obviously your company thought that Carly would stop asking questions if offered money, which you have since learned is not the case. And by the way — no one ever wrote back with any information about your service. That, coupled with our prior concerns, is what prompted the factual article to which you are objecting.

So our proposal to you is this: If you are indeed offering a legitimate, legal and ethical venue for unlimited downloading of books, including “Top-10 Bestsellers”, then we challenge you to give us access to your site for one week so that we can verify that this is in fact true. Until then, we stand behind our original article.


Judie Lipsett

MyPadMedia really didn’t want us to review their product…this was our last contact with them:

Judie,The images of ‘Uncle Scam’, the insinuations that pirated material is being sold, and the verdict of “HUGE SCAM” are all slanderous and unfounded.

Due to your refusal to remove the article, we will be contacting our attorneys.

Thank you.

Jonathan Crawford

We haven’t heard back from them since.

I wonder why they don’t want us to try their service?

About the Author

Carly Z
Carly has been a gadget fiend for a long time, going back to her first PDA (a Palm M100). She quickly went from researching what PDA to buy to following tech news closely and keeping up with the latest and greatest stuff. She loves writing about ebooks because they combine her two favorite activities; reading anything and everything, and talking about fun new tech toys. What could be better?
  • This is exciting stuff … wish I had popcorn as I read it all! Almost worth spending $50 just to find out … well, not really! 😀

  • RT @GearDiarySite: MyPadMedia Strikes Back

  • RT @GearDiarySite: MyPadMedia Strikes Back

  • RT @GearDiarySite: MyPadMedia Strikes Back

  • RT @GearDiarySite: MyPadMedia Strikes Back

  • Scam alert – MyPadMedia Strikes Back /via @GearDiarySite

  • laurieboutte

    Thanks for watching out for us! I went to the website and could not find any imformation about the books you can download, I did not see mypadmedia in the App Store, it seems they just wanted money. Scary stuff.

  • RT @GearDiarySite: MyPadMedia Strikes Back

  • MyPadMedia Strikes Back /via @GearDiarySite buyer beware!! :-/

  • RT @geardiary MyPadMedia Strikes Back /via @GearDiarySite buyer beware!! :-/

  • RT @GearDiarySite MyPadMedia Strikes Back

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  • Joel McLaughlin

    Any attorney he contacts would likely laugh him out of his office after saying you should have contacted me first.

  • MyPadMedia Strikes Back « Gear Diary

  • RT @reesemachine: MyPadMedia Strikes Back « Gear Diary

  • RT @geardiary: MyPadMedia Strikes Back

  • great read -> MyPadMedia Strikes Back (via @GearDiary)

  • arebelspy

    Good for you GearDiary editors!

  • Tom

    RT @geardiary: MyPadMedia Strikes Back /via @GearDiarySite buyer beware!! :-/

  • sosha

    Thanks for the heads up! I went and emailed them about one of the contradictions (we update out database constantly vs we do not have a database), and the auto reply said “we’ll get back to you in 72 hours. Your IP addy has been recorded”. Wow….talk about dropping cookies out in the open!

  • Khameleon21

    I have been getting spammed from these guys for awhile now. I can assure you they do not use ethical practices for advertising. I would suggest 90% of the forum spam we get is from them right now. On further research the only sites I see with positive responses to their software also are covered in ads for their product. Does anyone know of a review of someone that actually payed the 50 bucks? Thanks for the article, I look forward to seeing how this story develops.

  • @Khameleon21 – I offered to buy Carly a “subscription”, but she rightly pointed out that the last thing I should do was give these guys my credit card number. I might have been willing to do this via PayPal, but I think it should be clear by now that I would just be throwing good money after bad. 😛

  • Khameleon21

    @judie – I just removed another spammer, IP address was from pakistan. They must be outsourcing their advertising 😉 They are getting crafty with the attempts to link to their site. The are actually responding to ebook related questions with a link in their site. If its alright can I link to your article here, to warn our members?

  • @khameleon21, please do! That’s why we are posting this stuff, to get the word out. Shae it with your members!

    Not surprised they are hitting forums…and while I am curious what Judie’s 50 would have bought us, I am glad we didn’t try it. 🙂

  • I am in -5 (CT) time zone, and whoever this Jonathan Crawford guy is, he is in the +10 time zone, which appears to be Australia, Guam, Micronesia … and possibly Russia?

    I guess I am not surprised. 😛

  • Discordian Info

    And here is the follow-up on the mypadmedia for #iPad scam. Amusing.

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  • piano man

    MyPadMedia is sold through, an online retail outlet for digital products. This site is used by thousands of internet affiliate marketers that often do not check out the quality of a product before they market it. They simply make small websites that regurgitate the marketing info from the vendor, or worse, present bogus reviews on how great the product is just to make sales. I know this because I am an honest internet marketer and I am disgusted by some of the terrible products that Clickbank allows in their outlet. They really need to screen these products more closely to validate the product claims.

    However, Clickbank does offer many good products too. If you want to purchase the MyPadMedia product to test it out, all Clickbank products come with a 60 day money back guarantee. The vendor has no control over this and the refund is made through Clickbank. Just save the confirmation e-mail from Clickbank and there is info about contacting customer support and that is how you request a refund. Hope this helps.

  • im.h

    I decided to take the chance and I paid the 49$ fee for mypadmedia. and guess what i got…..
    Total… total scam. they have only Gutenberg books, which is free and you can get them directly from iBooks for free.

    I can even give you my username/password to see for yourself.

  • @im.h – in another article you can see that Judie did also join and found the same thing – even worse, as they were stealing the feed from another site without permission!

    The message above you states the ability to get a refund … have you done so? I definitely recommend trying!

  • piano man

    im.h, here is how to get a refund from ClickBank for MyPadMedia. After the purchase, you received an e-mail stating “Receipt for your ClickBank Order#”. Scroll to the bottom where it says Customer Support and click on the link…your order#. This takes you to Customer Support at Clickbank. Click the link that says “Click here to get support”. The next page asks “What problem are you having” and gives options to select. Select “more options” and you’ll see the refund request option. They also ask for a reason and select “was not satisfied with the product”. They’ll send a refund request notification e-mail to you, and another when the refund processes. I’ve returned two products for refunds and never had a problem. Refunds process in about 5-7 days.

  • piano man

    One more note, you have 60 days from the purchase to get a full refund. This is true for all the products sold through ClickBank. They unfortunately sell some scammy products like MyPadMedia, but at least they require all the vendors to offer the 60 day refund.


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