Intel’s Hands Free Research Lets Your Mind Do The Typing

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Intel's Hands Free Research Lets Your Mind Do The Typing

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A few years ago OCZ introduced some technology that could potentially change gameplay as we know it with the Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA). With this device you could use facial muscles and electronic signals from your brain to control movement and common keystrokes in games and could potentially free your hands for other functions. I never had a chance to actually try out the NIA, but from all the reviews I read and videos, it looks like a piece of hardware that a geek simply must have. Intel wants to build on that technology and take it step further.

Scientists at the Intel labs are busy creating detailed maps of where activity takes place in the brain when individual words are being thought about.

If you break it down into easy terms, it means that we could potentially write up a report, an email, or a letter simply by thinking about what words you want to type on screen. Intel scientists are measuring brain reactions to different words you think about and in turn are working on small head mounted equipment that will allow you replace your keyboard with a little brain power to produce your thought on screen. Imagine thinking out your tweets, your chats, or even your GearDiary post comments instead of taking all that time to type them out. Why not let a machine read your brain do all the work for you. This could just be the next step in Skynet becoming self aware, or could just be something cool Intel found to spend their billions of quarterly profits on.

We are currently mapping out the activity that an average brain produces when thinking about different words. It means you’ll be able to write letters, open emails or do Google searches just by thinking.

The uses for this technology obviously extend beyond the consumer that wants to find ways to be more lazy. Medically this could allow people who are handicapped or physically unable to do things to just think what they want to do. It will surely extend beyond simple motor controls and typing your thoughts out on your computer to giving impaired or injured people a better a chance to increase their quality of life. I’m sure the governments around our globe will find a way to make it a weapon of some sort but for now I’m excited to see this concept come to life. Hopefully we see more sooner than later. If you want to control your computer with your brain, check out the OCZ NIA. You can pick it up now for about $100 at almost any computer or gaming store.

Via Ubergizmo, Source Daily Telegraph

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