iTiny Bluetooth Keyboard Makes Your iPhone a Mobile Word Cruncher

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If you are writing anything longer than a tweet or SMS, then you know that the iPhone’s onscreen keyboard can cramp things up a bit. An external Bluetooth keyboard is a great solution, but carrying the 11″ x 5.25″ Apple BT keyboard seems contrary to the portable ideal. That’s where the  5″ x 2″  iTiny Keyboard looks like it could shine.

The iTiny Keyboard allows you to enjoy responsive, feather light typing along with portability, and Bluetooth functionality everywhere you go. The sleek and slim design fits comfortably in your hand and allows for easy typing with its 49 soft membrane keys, including a full QWERTY keyboard and complete with a space bar and number keys. The iTiny Bluetooth Keyboard even includes a FN (function) key for twice the functionality, making everything easier than ever before.

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– Bluetooth Version: 2.0
– Frequency band: 2.4GHz
– Built-in 200mAh Rechargeable Li-ion battery
– Operating Distance: 0 ~ 10 m
– Supports Apple,Google, Android/Windows 5.0, Nokia symbian S60 and later versions
– Contains USB, micro 5pin interfaces
– Comes with USB cable + CD + English manual

Battery Information:

-Battery Duration:
-Constant Use:50 hours
-Standby: 400 hours
-Power: Charges by USB
-Charging Time: 2.5 hours

iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear   iPhone Gear

The iTiny Keyboard doesn’t only work with iDevices such as the touch, iPhone or iPad, it will also work with most other BT enabled devices including smartphones and the Playstation 3. I think it could turn the iPhone into a mini-laptop replacement for those who are looking for the most compact writing kit around!

iTiny Bluetooth keyboard ($60.95)

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  3. I’ve been running into the “Apple BT Keyboard is too big to lug around” issue for a while now; I am finding whipping out the iPhone and BT keyboard is great for just answering email and such. Would love to see how well the iTiny works.

  4. hmmmmm. I might want one of these for my Dell Streak. (What I would REALLY like is an attachable keyboard like the HTC Advantage.)

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