Speck Pixel Skin HD iPhone 4 Case Review


When the iPhone 4 first launched many of the case manufacturers had cases for the new device at the ready. How this process of creating cases for a device that technically doesn’t exist yet works I have no idea but my guess is Apple forwards certain companies the specs of their upcoming device to go off. While this does mean companies are able to have cases ready on launch day it doesn’t always allow them to properly test them.

The iPhone 4 is the first iPhone to have a built in flash. The LED flash, located on the back of the device, next to the camera, allows the user to take pictures in low light situations. As users began using the flash while their phones were in protective cases an issue became quickly apparent. Many of the cases had cutouts for the iPhone 4’s camera and flash that were too small or improperly shaped and this was causing the LED flash, when fired, to bounce off the side of the case and back into the lens of the camera resulting in a washed out image.

While many cases seem to be experiencing this issue Speck is the only one I know of which recognized it and corrected it and I applaud them for it. The company took notice and redesigned all of their cases making sure the camera lens and flash functioned well together. The changes are subtle but worth noting. You’ll notice, in the photo below. the new, larger cutout for the camera and flash.


The Pixel Skin HD, which Dan reviewed here, is still made of the same hard plastic material. But the new version seems to have more of a pronounced lip that travels around the edge of the case.


The Pixel Skin HD offers a lay on the table design so you’ll be able to lay the phone down screen first without worry.


The bottom of the case still features three individual cutouts, one for the speaker, one for the microphone and one for the 30-pin dock connector.


The top of the case features a decent sized cutout for the headset jack and secondary microphone. The sleep/awake button, although covered by the case has a raised nub that offers good feedback when you press it.


The left side of the case includes an opening for the vibrate switch which is quite easy to access. The volume buttons get covered by the case but each features its own raised nub for easy pressing.


A close up shot of the new camera cutout also reveals a black inner liner. This has also been added to all of Speck’s iPhone cases and serves to further protect the camera’s lens from the flash.


The Pixel Skin HD is now available in four different color variations too.

Speck Pixel Skin HD iPhone 4 Case Review

If you’re looking for a case that offers a good amount of shock and impact protection, has extra grip coupled with a cool looking design look no further. The Speck Pixel Skin HD might be the case you’re looking for. Offering a great case is one thing but adding customer service and support that stands by their product and fixes problems like this when they arise is what takes company’s to a whole different level. Speck’s sitting at the top.

You can learn more about Speck and their entire line of cases for the iPhone 4 by visiting their web site here.

M.S.R.P. – $29.95

What I like – Good fitting case that offers a lot of protection and great grip.

What I don’t like – Volume buttons sometimes hard to press.

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