Default Case: Good Customer Service Only Gets You So Far

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A few weeks ago I told you about the Default Case company. I was pretty impressed with the newly launched iPhone case company’s approach to doing to business. They seemed to be willing to go out of their way and pretty much willing do anything to satisfy their customers.

I liked the fact that their representatives used their first names when communicating, they answered the phone when I called, and they were willing to answer all of my questions and concerns.

Their current promotion (all cases cost only 1 cent plus a $3.99 shipping fee) has garnered a ton of attention for the company, but it seems at a cost for the consumer. What cost? Nothing financial, instead it’s costing the consumer broken promises.

I’ve followed the talk about Default Case on Twitter over the last two weeks and there seems to be a problematic trend occurring. Lots of people who’ve ordered but still not received their cases. Count me amongst that group too. If you read my initial article you know that after I hung up the phone with the CEO of Default Case I felt so good I went ahead and ordered 4 additional cases. That was back on September 4th. To date I’ve received only one of the four I ordered.

Several users have reported received cases that were cracked and some reported the case’s color starting to peel off after only a few days of use. Sure damage could have occurred during shipping but that’s not the point here. The company always seems to make good with damaged cases telling their customers to call in for a replacement and that’s they way all case company’s should handle this sort of problem.

Here’s the bottom line…….

Default Case, are you listening?

It’s great that you’re behind a positive customer service relationship and I applaud you for it. It’s cute that you respond with whimsical one-liners when people ask about international orders, future cases etc. and I think it’s even better than you’re working hard to create the perfect design.

But guess what? All that doesn’t mean much if you aren’t shipping the product that people have already ordered!

I’m not sure about all of you, but for me three weeks or more to receive a case doesn’t sit well.

It’s time to quiet down, stop making jokes, stop making promises and just start shipping product.

Last week I complained over Twitter about my order. I was told to look for an e-mail confirmation on Friday. I did receive one but it only showed that one of the remaining three cases I was waiting for had shipped. And oh yeah, it contained yet another promise.

Screen shot 2010-09-26 at 11.57.41 AM.png

I sure hope Default Case is able to keep that one.  Shipping out all orders within 24 hours is a pretty tall order and one that some of the premier case companies manage to somehow do.  Let’s hope Default Case can do it too.

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