Urbanears New Headphone Colors Revealed as Colorful Music Lovers Cheer

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Urbanears New Headphone Colors Revealed as Colorful Music Lovers Cheer

Out with the old and in with the new; say hello to the colorful new Urbanears 2010 Fall / Winter collection.

Urbanears headphones have a 3.5mm jack and remote compatible with most devices including Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and iPhone giving them the additional functionality of a headset.

In conjunction with the turn of the season, Urbanears has revamped its color offerings. Seven colors have been dropped from the line and are being replaced with seven brand new sleek colors. As seasons and fashions change, Urbanears will continue to introduce and drop colors every six months. … Currently, these colors are exclusively available for the Plattan model.

All of the new colors are lovely, but I can’t help eying the army green pair of Plattans in the color-wheel above.

Urbanears New Headphone Colors Revealed as Colorful Music Lovers Cheer

Urbanears makes your everyday music experience complete. We give you functional quality and acoustic performance together with a unique design. Choose from three original styles, all available in a rich palette of colors. Urbanears personalizes sound and amplifies your individual choice. In not so many words, Urbanears produces headphones. And as of now we have no plans to expand into other fields.

Do you have a set of Urbanears? Do you like them? The cool colors, fabric wrapped cables and decent prices ($75 shipped, in the US) are tempting …


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