Halloween Chats Get Spookier with a Surprise IM+ Theme


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Halloween Chats Get Spookier with a Surprise IM+ Theme

Starting on October 30, you can enjoy a spooky pumpkin theme behind all of your IM+ Lite or IM+ Pro chats. Beyond the cute new wallpaper, IM+ is a solid instant messaging client which not only handles your MSN, GTalk, Yahoo, AIM, Jabber and ICQ chats, it also takes care of Twitter, Facebook Chat and MySpace. You’re push-notified anytime someone tries to contact you, and getting set up couldn’t be more simple.

It’s so funny, because up until just a year or two ago, I thought of SMS as something you did on your phone only, while instant messaging was something you did on your computer only. Programs like IM+ have completely blurred the line between desktop computers and handheld, and they make it easy to always stay in touch — even when you are nowhere near your desk.

There are both free and fully featured paid IM+ versions available, so if you want to give the program a try but aren’t sure about paying $9.99 for the pro version, you can start with Lite and then upgrade later to get the extra features. Both programs will work on the iPhone and iPad, so if you do invest in the Pro version and want it on both devices, you don’t have to worry about paying the “multiple iDevice tax”.

Download IM+ Lite or IM+ Pro

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