Fone Sitter Makes Sure Grandma Hung Up The Phone!

Fone Sitter Makes Sure Grandma Hung Up The Phone!

My dad gave me a ride home from work last night. During the drive he went to call his mother (my grandmother) and her line was busy. So he tried her cell phone. No answer. This went on for a good ten minutes; we’d chat, he’d try both numbers, we’d chat again. Finally he started to get really nervous, and he called my uncle to go check on her.

As it turns out, she was just fine. Her phone was just off the hook. Again. She doesn’t keep her cell phone near her, and she can’t hear the faint, indignant beeping of the phone when it’s not on the cradle, so it sends her kids into a panic of “Why can’t we reach mom? Who talked to her last? How long ago? Should we try again?” Luckily my uncle lives nearby, but calling him every time isn’t a great solution.

So while my dad was chatting with his brother and making plans to check on Grandma, I did some googling. I came across a device called Fone Sitter that seemed to be the solution to our problem:

Don’t be without phone service! The Command Fone Sitter automatically alerts you to any phone left off-hook throughout your home or if your phone service has been interrupted. A must for homes with elderly or small children!

Has this ever happened to you? An elderly loved one didn’t hang up their phone completely. Their line remained busy for hours. The only way to check on them was to call their neighbor, drive over to their house, or even worse, call the police. Ends up, it was simply a phone left off-hook by accident. Or in your home, your toddler was playing with the phone. You didn’t realize it was left off-hook, and people tried calling you all evening, only to get a busy signal. For peace of mind, get a FONE SITTER.

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  • Kelly

    Did this work? Need something like this for my grandma.

    • Unfortunately, we never ended up setting this up for Grandma. I think we swapped out her phones so she was more likely to hang them up properly.
      I will check next time I talk to her.