Review: Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard from EFO Gadget Shop

Review: Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard from EFO Gadget Shop

Sometimes I would love to just travel with my Droid 2 or a small tablet sized device but the built in keyboard on my Droid 2 isn’t that conducive to typing big e-mails.  So when I saw this keyboard, I thought let’s try this as a way to make a extremely mobile setup for blogging or e-mailing.  EFO Gadget Shop sent one to me to review.  Will it be as useful as I thought?  Well today we will find out.

Review: Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard from EFO Gadget Shop

This keyboard is an extremely portable bluetooth keyboard.  It is many times smaller than a Apple Bluetooth keyboard and even smaller than the keyboard dock for the iPad.  This keyboard takes up so little space in a bag that I would not hesitate to throw it in the bag or even my camera bag when I head out on a short trip.  It is made mostly of rubber with  a hard plastic hump on one end that contains the battery and controls for the keyboard.

Review: Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard from EFO Gadget Shop

It comes with a retractable mini B USB cable for charging. Unfortunately, it will not act as a keyboard when it’s charging on a computer’s USB port.

Charging it up takes only about an hour but it lasts a long time.  I was unable to deplete the battery during the testing period.  Once charged, you disconnect the cable, turn on bluetooth on your phone, turn on the keyboard and press the pairing button on the bottom.  Enter a passcode on the phone or iPad and then type the same passcode into the keyboard itself.  Once paired up it works pretty well, but not perfect.  One thing that is a little problematic is it’s size.  It is bigger than built in keyboards, but still not near as big as my netbooks keyboard.  Touch typing would be hard on this.  However, even though I can’t touch type with it, I still am faster on it than on the Droid2’s keyboard.  I also had problems at times with double key hits being registered.  I avoided this by using less fingers and a hunt and peck style.

Over all, I am pretty pleased with this keyboard, but I am still on the lookout for one that is a bit larger that could make typing easier.  Then I could leave the netbook at home and take just my phone or a Android tablet (and I am still looking for a good one).

The Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard will work on Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and it worked fine on my Droid2.  Basically any device that supports bluetooth keyboards will work just fine with this one.

The Roll-able Bluetooth Keyboard is available now for $34.00 direct from EFO Gadget Shop.

What I liked: Very light and portable.  Wireless.

What I didn’t care for: A little too small.


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