Amazon Video on Demand Comes to the Rescue!

Amazon Video on Demand Comes to the Rescue!

I’ll be honest — I am not always on top of ordering gifts ahead of time. Even when I have a plan, or am told exactly what to purchase, I somehow always push it to the last minute. Luckily for me, I was ordering Sarah “Big Love: Season 4” for Valentine’s Day, and Amazon comes through like a champ by offering free “video on demand” rentals with purchase!

See, without it I would have been without part of Sarah’s Valentine’s day present (bad Carly!) But thanks to the free rentals, we were able to start watching the show even though the DVDs won’t arrive until tomorrow. Sarah has her present, and I’m not in the doghouse! Yay for Amazon!

Seriously though, I do think it’s incredibly clever of Amazon to offer this service. They combine instant gratification with owning the physical product, and it’s awesome. I tend to buy from Amazon anyway, but this cements them as my first place stop for movie shopping!

Have you used the combination Video on Demand/physical DVD purchase from Amazon? Does it shape your shopping habits? Share your thoughts!

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