Music Diary Quickie: 5 Seconds of Every #1 Song … Ever!

Music Diary Quickie: 5 Seconds of Every #1 Song ... Ever!

For more than 50 years the Billboard Hot 100 has tracked the most popular songs in the country. Of course, for nearly that any years there have been payola scams, chart manipulation and other industry shenanigans that have tainted the songs that appear on the list. But make no mistake – whatever means are used to get a song to #1, the result is a lot of recognition and sales.

Last week on Buzzfeed a user had compiled in two segments five seconds of EVERY #1 song from the inception of the Hot 100 until 1992. Over the weekend someone else filled in with five seconds from the #1 hits from 1993 until 2011.

What are your favorites?

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