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April 19, 2011 • Gear Bits, News

GD Quickie: DropBox Updated With Cool New Features!

DropBox is a great tool – essentially it is simply an online storage provider, but the excellent Mac, PC, iOS and Android app interfaces make using that space and sharing items an absolute breeze! Yesterday my iPad pinged me that there was an update … and it has a few great new options!

First, you can now bulk upload photos rather than doing them one at a time! Generally I wouldn’t worry about this, but I just scanned dozens of old slides from my parents and wanted to have them available in multiple locations in addition to my iPad. DropBox made this trivial!

Next, you can now use ‘Open In’ functionality for files in your DropBox! This lets you drop just about any file type in your DropBox and then choose the app to open it with. Hardly revolutionary as a feature, but it makes the app even more useful!

Together these features help the already-excellent DropBox better than ever – and help the iPad become more of an autonomous computing device than ever!

DropBox is a free app, and the service provides 2GB of free storage. Check out the site, and the app!

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