Blog Comments R So CRAZY!

Blog Comments R So CRAZY!

The plight of people subjected to identity theft is a terrible thing, and anything related to the havoc wreaked by BP and how many billions in profits they have made while leaving millions with their lives in shambles is a national tragedy. So I don’t want it to seem that I am belittling any of that …

Writing for any online source, whether traditional article based where comments come via a ‘forum’ or on a blog like Gear Diary where you have an integrated comment system, one thing is for certain – you are going to see some crazy comments!

The other day I got a comment on a review for a Nintendo DS game called Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter. The comment was obviously spam – but anyone who has ever written for a blog has gotten spam. But seldom is it THIS interesting! Take a read:

This is NOT SPAM, all I am asking you to do is read this…PLEASE and pass it along. This is a TRUE UPDATE on the Gulf Coast BP Oil Spill!!

Have you ever heard of Whipple Van Ness Jones, III?

Probably not, unless you watch the CBS daytime soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

You see, according to Wikipedia….

Whipple Jones III is a fictional character on CBS’s daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful. He had been portrayed by Rick Hearst from February 13, 2002 to August 29, 2002 and was absent for nearly seven years before returning to the show on July 17, 2009….

However, what they don’t tell you is that Whipple Van Ness Jones, III is a real person.

Whip resides in NW Florida with his wife, 3 children, and pets.

The problem is that when the BP oil spill happened Whip and his family lost their family business in Seaside, Florida the name of the store was Molly Caroline’s named after his two daughters Georgia Caroline and Molly Catherine (Whipple Van Ness Jones, IV wasn’t born yet when they opened their store).

Whip loved the idea that The Bold and the Beautiful named a character after him, he thought it was fun because obviously how else would they come up with the EXACT SAME NAME for the show.

Whip contacted the show early on (sent a copy of his birth certificate and drivers license), they didn’t offer any money (and Whip didn’t ask for any), just an autograph from the star portraying him.

The problem is NOT that Whip has a character on a show, the problem is Whip and his family lost their main source of income due to the BP oil spill.

Now when Whip applies for a job, and the employment places run a reference check on him and find a Wikipedia article calling Whip a fictional character on CBS’s daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful, they claim he is using the name of a soap opera character…

What Whip did was start his own dot com….and is allowing people to post blogs on his site for free, just to show that he is a real person.

Google does give Whip a TINY amount to have ads on the right hand side of his webpage.

Please pass this along to your friends to show that Whipple Van Ness Jones, III is not only a real person, but a man trying to keep food on his family’s table.

Thank you!!

PS- Whip and his family did put in a claim with BP, they just haven’t heard anything yet. AS OF MARCH 24, 2011

PPS- Also, some people consider CBS to have BORDERLINE stolen Whip’s identity. Whip doesn’t see it this way, but how would you feel if you couldn’t get a job based on what Wikipedia says about you????

It is a very sad story in many ways … right until you search the web and find this EXACT same text in forums and blog posts and pretty much anywhere else on the internet. Then you realize that this is some sort of hoax done for … well, I really have no idea.

Crazy stuff we find in the comments, eh?

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