Helps You, uh, Walk off into the Sunset Helps You, uh, Walk off into the Sunset

We here at Gear Diary thought we’d make you aware of a way to rid yourself of technology; automotive technology, that is. Old, unwanted automotive technology, of course. (You don’t really think a site called GEAR DIARY is going to encourage you to dump your technology and go all monk-like, do you?)

If you have a car you are not using (or which is no longer usable), but aren’t sure of how best to dispose of it, (oh, yeah, and you need to be in the UK, did I mention that?) will help you dispose of your old or damaged car with the proceeds going to charity.  Aside from that whole doing-a-good-thing vibe you’ll get from donating your car, one of the other good bits to the deal is that Giveacar will come collect the car from you. So, they also save you the trouble of having it towed somewhere.

Giveacar is a not-for-profit group that organizes the collection and recycling of unwanted cars. The proceeds go to one of the more than 250 charities with which Giveacar works. Check it out here.

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