Random Cool Video: Watch Family Guy ‘Its a Trap’ for FREE!

Random Cool Video: Watch Family Guy 'Its a Trap' for FREE!

Over the last several years Family Guy has taken on the original Star Wars trilogy, with Blue Harvest and Something, Something Dark Side. Last December they released the final entry ‘It’s A Trap’ on DVD and Blu-Ray, and on May 22nd the show aired as the finale for the 9th season of Family Guy.

The episode is once again a humorous retelling of Return of the Jedi using series characters in place of the original actors, but keeping the personalities of the Family Guy characters largely intact.

General opinion seems to be that this is the weakest of the three (with the first one regarded as the best), but it is still enjoyable and full of enough references and side-gags to keep you engaged.

If you haven’t grabbed the DVD or Blu-Ray, and didn’t see it when the show aired, you now have two new ways to check it out! Hulu and Fox.com are both airing the episode.

Watch online at Fox.com


Watch it on Hulu

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