Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design ‘Tree of Life’

Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design 'Tree of Life'

I had written about my nifty new Nook Touch a couple of months ago, and it has really become my constant companion for ebook reading. My family got me a basic cover from Barnes & Noble that clips in the device and closes with a magnetic strip. It gets the job done, but not nearly as stylishly as the cover my wife and son have on their Nooks. So when I had the chance to check out the new covers specifically for the Nook Touch by Oberon Design, I jumped at the chance! Let’s see how the new cover in the ‘Tree of Life’ design works with the latest Nook.

The Hype:

Our Nook Touch Reader covers feature our unique tooling style as well as a matching button hand cast in our shop. The cover offers both beauty and security in a wide range of graphic styles.

Dimensions: 5 5/8 x 7 inches

* Our attachment system provides excellent shake & drop security.
* 100% wool felt E Ink screen protector.
* Large side pocket.
* Easy to grip & read without touching the reader itself.
* Our matching button is hand cast from lead free Britannia Pewter.
* Extra elastic bungee cord is included. See bungee replacement video on our site.
* Custom leather cover easily folds in half and stays open.
* Stiff enough for a reading light attachment.

The Reality:

Oberon Design makes some really cool looking covers for ereaders that allow you protect your investment while looking stylish. Looking through their selection of cover designs, there is truly something for everyone – my kids had things they liked, my wife liked something different, but they all pegged my first choice – Tree of Life.

Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design 'Tree of Life'

According to Oberon this is their most popular design, and it is easy to see why: a wrap around living tree in harmony with its surroundings is the perfect foil for the juxtaposition of the fine leisure of reading and the high technology of the ereader.

But these cases are more than just a pretty design – they are executed to perfection. The quality of the leather used in the cover provides a uniform look with the natural variation expected of leather. The leather also quickly softens and feels wonderful to the touch.

Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design 'Tree of Life'

The quality of construction is also excellent – the stitching is solid and uniform around the entire cover, and repeated opening and closing of the cover did nothing to change the solid feel of the construction. I truly believe that my cover will be protecting my Nook throughout its life.

Inserting and removing the Nook from the cover is very easy – you insert the Nook into the bottom two holders, ease the upper left strap on to the device, and finally secure it with the bungie strap. When closed, you secure the cover with a bungie cord that wraps from the back around a matching metal clasp on the front.

Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design 'Tree of Life'

My only concern with the cover is the bungie cord used to hold the cover closed. Over time I have developed a method to unfasten it, but at first I found my lack of fingernails problematic in getting the cover off and was concerned I might break the cord quickly. Oberon provides a replacement in case it does wear out and/or break.

The covers also provide a felt interior facing the screen for added protection, and also a small and large pocket to put a couple of cards or papers or other small things you might need. It is a thoughtful addition that extends the usability and might allow you to carry one less item around with you.

I recorded a video overview of the case which provides a look at the design and functionality of this cover. If you are looking for a cover for your Nook that is elegant and sturdy and will let you stand out from the crowd, definitely check out Oberon Design!

Where to Buy: Oberon Design

Price: $69.00

What I Like: Excellent construction; great designs; perfect fit; great feel; retains portability; easy insertion and removal.

What Needs Improvement: Modification of the bungie closure might provide easier opening and longer life.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

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