Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design Large and Small Sleeves

Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design Large and Small Sleeves

The Hype:

For those that like to use their E Reader without a cover, we’ve designed the Oberon E Reader Sleeve with extreme portability in mind.

Lighter and thinner than our E Reader Corner Cover, our sleeve fits easily into a purse, backpack or briefcase. Our sleeve is leather lined and our magnet closure ensures the security of your device.

We designed our sleeve so that the magnetized strap is on the front of the cover and our signature Britannia pewter strap attachment is on the back to avoid any potential scratching of the E Reader screen. All of our sleeves feature imagery on both the front and back of the cover.

Our Large E Reader sleeve measures
6.125 X 9 inches and weighs 5.4 oz.
Our Large Sleeve Cover fits: the newest generation Nook and Nook Color, and original Nook.
It also fits Kindle 1 and Kindle 2, Pandigital & Sony 950 devices.

The Reality:

Oberon Design makes some really cool looking sleeves for ereaders that allow you protect your investment while looking stylish and allowing you to pull out the reader to enjoy the light and slim profiles of the newest devices. Looking through their selection of sleeve designs, my kids and I came up with two that they loved that I also loved: the Hokusai Wave in navy blue and the Sky Dragon in red. Oberon Design sent me the recommended Large size Hokusai Wave for my Nook Touch, but also sent me me the Sky Dragon in Small to see if it would work for my Nook touch.

Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design Large and Small Sleeves

As I mentioned in my review of the Nook Touch cover, everything about the sleeves was top quality – the leather itself is precisely cut and stitched, the designs are incredibly rich and detailed, and the colors are vibrant and fully integrated into the leather.

Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design Large and Small Sleeves

My main concern with the sleeves was how they would fit my Nook Touch. Whereas the covers are specifically designed to fit each reader, the sleeves are simply ‘large’ or ‘small’. I show how they fit in detail in my video review below, but to sum up quickly: the large size has the Nook swimming around a bit, whereas the small is simply too small for the Nook Touch (or the original Nook).

Nook Touch Cover Review: Oberon Design Large and Small Sleeves

Depending on what you are looking for in a sleeve this may or may not matter, but I wanted to highlight it. Certainly the small sleeve is not intended for the Nook Touch, but as I discovered after my younger son force-fit his original Nook there is plenty of play in the leather – whereas the 7″ Acer Iconia Tab wouldn’t fit at all initially, after some stretching it fit … albeit tightly and without the ability for the magnetic closure to function.

Speaking of the Acer Iconia 7″ a100 Tab, I found that the Large Sleeve is a perfect fit. The width and depth are absolutely perfect, and the Iconia can slide in and out quickly and easily. I have been using the Large sleeve daily as the case for the Iconia and have gotten several comments about the distinctive design. I have already noticed the leather feeling softer and more supple with use.

If you have a Kindle 3 or a Nook Color, you can easily get the Small or Large Sleeve from Oberon Design and know they fit perfectly. However, with the Nook Touch it is a bit of a compromise: the Small is too small, but the large is a bit too large for my taste. But in order to get such a gorgeous sleeve for my Nook Touch, it is an easy trade-off to make.

And in case I didn’t already make this clear, this has become THE case for my Acer Iconia Android tablet which goes with me everywhere. I love the sleeve and have no plans to replace it with anything else!

Where to Buy: Oberon Design

Price: $60.00

What I Like: Excellent construction; great designs; decent fit; great feel; retains portability; easy insertion and removal.

What Needs Improvement: Sizing isn’t optimized for the Nook Touch.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

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