Would You Like an Invite to BlackBerry’s New BB Music Service?


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Would You Like an Invite to BlackBerry's New BB Music Service? Listen to this article

Would You Like an Invite to BlackBerry's New BB Music Service?
image courtesy of BlackBerry Smartphones Week

If you live in North America or the UK, and if you have a BlackBerry, you have no doubt heard about the new BlackBerry Music service that we mentioned earlier this week. $5 per month gets you 50 songs that you can share with your friends … but only if you own a BlackBerry and they own one, too. And this service is not available to the general BlackBerry population yet.

According to Digital Music News, the plan details are:

(1) $5 a month.
(2) User chooses 50 songs to access anytime, on-demand.
(3) User then invites other ‘BBM’ friends to download the app and join the circle, and everyone on that circle can share their selected songs.
(4) All friends in the circle must be paying subscribers.
(5) Music cannot be accessed outside of the Blackberry smartphone – except if the device is RIM’s Playbook.
(6) Overall, millions of songs are potentially accessible, with all four majors expected to come aboard (not sure of the indie picture).

Our favorite mas90 consultant,Wayne Schulz, has four invites available, and so the first four who register at BlackBerry Beta Zone and then send their email address to me will get an invite. Be sure to post here that you’ve emailed, so that I’ll know to check my spam folder if I haven’t received it.

I’ll post an update once the four slot have been filled.

Happy Listening! =)

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