Watch out for Fake Netflix Apps

Watch out for Fake Netflix Apps

Here’s the dark side of Android fragmentation: if you have an Android device that’s not running 2.2 (or a device that doesn’t have the Android marketplace), you don’t have Netflix app access. So you conjure up some google-fu and find a copy of the Netflix app floating around, or maybe it’s an Android app store you’ve never used before.

Be very, very careful before you download it. Apparently, there’s a fake version of Netflix floating around that steals your login data. As you can see from the image, it looks super similar. In fact, it looks EXACTLY like the login for iOS. If you didn’t pay attention, it would be very easy to be tricked. So please, be careful. If you have a pre-2.2 device, or you’re looking for the Netflix APK for a 2.2 device that doesn’t have the Android market, make sure you know the source before you download anything!

What’s more worrisome is what happens after Netflix. Yes, it’s a huge pain to have your Netflix stats stolen, but imagine how much worse it is if you download an app that claims to be from your bank! Or that promises a better email experience, a better Twitter experience, etc. There’s a lot of ways something malicious can phish for your passwords and login credentials, and unfortunately preying on Android fragmentation is a really easy way to do it right now. So use your common sense, stick to known stores like the Android Marketplace and Amazon Appstore, and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t log in!

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