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November 3, 2011 • News

Rugged PCD Wrangler Coming to U.S. Cellular

Last week my 15-year old son ran a load of laundry. That would be a great thing … except that he failed to remove his cell phone from his jeans! Another phone on the heap of teenage abuse! So when I heard that US Cellular was releasing the rugged PCD Wrangler later this month, all I could think was … THERE is a phone made for my son!

Here is the description:

Rugged and tough, the PCD WranglerTM works and plays as hard as you do. The compact clamshell design has been tested to withstand rain, extreme temperatures, high humidity, dust or sand. The dual-band Wrangler comes fully loaded with a scratch-resistant 2.2″ QVGA color display, integrated 1.3 MP camera, microSDTM storage, extra loud audio, speakerphone and GPS tracking. Designed for an active, on-the-go lifestyle, the Wrangler doesn’t skimp on popular must-have features like speed dial, text and picture messaging, WAP browser, Mobile E-mail, audio player, recorder, Voice Recognition and Bluetooth® support.

This is NOT some low end disposable phone! It also isn’t a smartphone – it is for those who need a PHONE that can stand up to daily abuse of outdoor life. It allows you to take pictures, text, use the GPS, and has an extra-loud speaker, something anyone who has talked on the phone outdoors can appreciate!

The phone isn’t available yet, but keep an eye on the PCD Wrangler page at US Cellular for more details!

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