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November 20, 2011 • How to Do It Yourself!

WiFi Sync your iPhone and iPad using Personal Hotspot

One of the coolest features in iOS 5 WiFi syncing, which I now use far more often than USB syncing. Being able to hit “Sync” on my MacBook for my iPad while it’s still in my bag (it only needs charging every few days) makes me giggle every time I do it. It’s just so simple, and works so effectively every time. With it, new music, an updated playlist, and a few new apps are just a click away.

Obviously this functionality is normally used over a WiFi connection at home or the office, but it turns out you can actually use WiFi sync when you’re mobile too.

As a regular user of the Personal Hotspot tethering feature on my iPhone, I wondered if the hotspot WiFi connection was “open” enough that it would support iTunes WiFi Syncing, and what do you know:

It does! Yes, with iOS 5.0 and the Personal Hotspot tethering feature WiFi sync between my phone and my MacBook works beautifully. Better still, it doesn’t have a problem letting an iPad in on the action. With my iPad connected to the iPhone Personal Hotspot syncs with my computer just as easily as it would at home.

A rather cool video player app I use called AV Player offers FTP functionality for adding and downloading video files off my iPhone/iPad, and it too worked over this connection. So there you have it, the Personal Hotspot acts as a full-on router to wirelessly connect these devices. It was a useful feature before and is now even better,

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