Music Diary Deal: Coldplay Live in Madrid EP FREE on Google Music

Music Diary Deal: Coldplay Live in Madrid EP FREE on Google Music

If there is something Google knows, it is how to do ‘free’ – never before has a company made so much by charging so little. So as they simultaneously try to crank up their niche Google + ‘social network’ and also their late entry also-ran music ‘service’, the immediate tool they pull from their bag is ‘free’.

In this case what is free is a live EP of Coldplay. Here is the description:

This EP was recorded in a Spanish bullring during an American Express Unstaged event that saw nearly 20 million live streams on YouTube, and it pretty much sounds like every single person who watched is singing along. The crowd starts chanting the words at the beginning of lead track “Violet Hill,” and they keep it up even on brand new tunes like “Charlie Brown.” Which makes this something like one of those ’60s live albums by the Stones or the Kinks: listening to the audience melt with bliss is half the fun. The other half is wondering if Chris Martin can hit those high notes with most of the world watching. (The answer is yes, by the way.) ~ Tim Quirk, Google Music

If you like Coldplay, or like free stuff and think you might share this with someone over Google +, then it is definitely worth the price.

Head to the Android Market and grab the EP for FREE!

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