Universal Discontinues Jaws Ride!

Universal Discontinues Jaws Ride!

It’s going to be safer to enter the water at Universal soon. They’re shutting down the Jaws ride, though they haven’t said why (or what will replace it). I guess Jaws just couldn’t compete with Harry Potter!

MSNBC has some very basic details:

Jaws has been in operation since 1990, and was one of the first attractions unveiled when Universal Studios opened its doors. The ride is based on the 1975, Steven Spielberg-directed hit movie with the same name.

“Jaws has been an amazing attraction and an important part of our history,” Universal spokesperson Tom Schroder told msnbc.com. “Jaws holds a special place in the hearts of our guests, but we always have to look to the future and dedicate ourselves to providing new, innovative entertainment experiences for our guests.

“A lot of thought and care went into this decision,” he said.

Boo! The Jaws ride was one of my favorite parts of Universal! I once (almost) got in big trouble with my parents on that ride. The woman sitting next to me yelled “HOLY SHIT” really, really loud when the shark popped up, and my parents assumed I was the one with the potty mouth. Luckily my little brother defended me, but he owed me since we spent 3 hours in line for the Back to the Future ride for him! The point is, I have good memories of the Jaws ride, and I’m sad to see it closed.

If you’re feeling as nostalgic as I am, check out this video of the full ride below!

Are you bummed Jaws is closing, or is it time to retire a classic? Let us know in the comments!


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