Sir Richard’s Condom Subscription Service: “You provide the demand, and we’ll provide a steady supply.”

Sir Richard's Condom Subscription Service: "You provide the demand, and we’ll provide a steady supply."

There is a great awkward scene from just about every teen movie I can remember growing up – the boy and girl are getting passionate, but before anything ‘happens’ he realizes he needs a condom. He heads to the local pharmacy where getting the condoms involves dealing with (a) the girl’s father (b) another authority figure (c) the girl he REALLY loves (d) some combination of these or another cliche.

This isn’t used as much today since most people can stroll anonymously into a local Walmart and avoid the difficulty entirely … well, not entirely: the people working there are still part of the local community – and there is that wonderful teen awkwardness which for some never quite goes away (note the cliche awkward scene of the married father withering in embarrassment in a store buying ‘feminine products).

Fortunately Sir Richard’s, an online condom retailer who sells a variety of styles – but only condoms – has a solution. But first, who is Sir Richard?

Sir Richard’s condoms are sold online and in Whole Foods markets, and as a company they have a great philanthropic story:

At Sir Richard’s Condom Company, we believe the power of business can help bring health and pleasure to the global community.
The Sir Richard’s story began back in 2009 when a group of entrepreneurs and designers came together to create a different kind of company.

The Problem: A huge condom shortage is leaving millions of people susceptible to some of the world’s most preventable diseases.

The Challenge: From the ground up, build a company with the power to help address this pressing global health crisis.

Our Mission: For every Sir Richard’s Condom purchased, we donate one to a developing country.

But we don’t just stop there. Wherever we make a donation, we design an entirely new brand and ensure its cultural relevance with help and guidance from local artists, healthcare providers, and others. And, of course, we make certain that all of our condoms are of the highest quality by using only carefully sourced ingredients and avoiding those that nobody would want in their bedroom.

Now they have a great deal that will ensure you are always ready for safe sex when the opportunity arises! Called the ‘Condom Subscription’, you simply estimate ‘intimacy frequency’ on a monthly basis, and Sir Richard’s estimates how many boxes you’ll need. You can distribute the boxes among different styles such as Ultra Thin, Classic Ribbed, Pleasure Dots, Extra Large, or Collection Pack.

Here is what Sir Richard’s says about the service:

“We’re excited about our new subscription service as this idea came from our supporters,” said Jim Moscou, CEO of Sir Richard’s. “What we heard was a desire to simplify access to safer sex, while being private and convenient and letting our customers focus on what’s really important.”

You also get a better deal with the subscription, as members get 20% off every purchase and the company’s standard free shipping.”

What do you think about the concept? Would you be willing to do a subscription service for condoms?

Head to Sir Richard’s and check out their subscription deals!

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