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December 28, 2011 • eBooks

Free eBooks from the Local Library!

I swung by my local library today and discovered they put together a very clever way of promoting library eBooks. They had free “gift cards” out for “free eBooks”, which was just a printed card with the library’s website on the front and QR code for the site on the back. The marketing campaign signs around the library suggested people could give them alongside Kindles, NOOKs, etc.

In my opinion this is pretty clever! It gets the message out there and gives patrons a small physical reminder about library eBooks that they can pass along to friends and family. It’s also a cute idea because it presents the gift of an ebook reader in a new light. Instead of “I bought you this awesome device, now go spend money to load it with cool stuff”, it gives the recipient a way to enjoy their new eBook reader without immediately having to spend money.

Of course, your library needs to have a decent stock of eBook titles…which is a subject for another time! Has your library done anything to promote eBooks, or are they all paper, all the time? Let us know in the comments!

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