Withings Introduces the World’s First Internet Connected Baby and Toddler Scale

Withings Introduces the World’s First Internet Connected Baby and Toddler Scale

Kev and I have a Withings WiFi connected scale and blood-pressure cuff. My favorite feature of both is that our results are automatically exported to both a password-protected personal page on the Withings site as well as an app on our iPhone or iPad. We are able to monitor our own numbers and when the mood strikes — peek at each others.

Withings has just introduced a brilliant product with the same capabilities that should make every new parent happy — their Smart Baby Scale.

By using the Withings Smart Baby Scale, parents can access their child’s weight readings from any connected device, such as an Internet-connected computer or an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using the already existing WiScale app. Also, parents can easily communicate the progress of their child’s weight with their doctor, pediatrician, family and friends. The scale can be set to instantly update Facebook, Twitter or send an email to private email addresses with new readings. Parents can attach notes and photos to weight charts to build detailed memories of their child’s growth.

The Smart Baby Scale features two weighing configurations: the first is for weighing infants with a removable baby basket, and the second is the toddler scale that emerges once the baby basket is removed. The main part of the scale (the weighing unit) is extra-slim and features a central cutout that serves as the insertion area for the baby basket. The scale features a large graphical screen for animations and instructions, plus a tactile button that helps parents easily record their baby’s length.

The baby basket is made up of two pieces that naturally interlock and then can be inserted into the scale’s base. This bi-fold design is perfect for storage and travel. Once the child grows out of the baby basket and can stand up on his own, the basket can be removed and the scale used as a toddler scale.

As expected, the Smart Body Scale will work in conjunction with the adult Withings WiFi body scale, and/or the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor. This will “allow parents to monitor their child’s weight on the same dashboard they view their own weight and/or blood pressure.”

What a great gift for new parents! The Withings Smart Baby Scale will be available in Q2 2012, and the WiScale app is already available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

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