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January 10, 2012 • Events, Gaming

Embarrasment for Intel After Faking Ultrabook Gaming Demo

We’ve seen it all at CES – vapor-products, stuff we won’t see for months (if ever), dummy products as show-pieces, and more. Now Intel – with the demo for their ‘bet the farm on it’ Ultrabooks … got caught faking a demo when the VLC control panel showed up a few times as shown above. The executive on stage tried to play it off, but the credibility of the entire show was lost.

Check out the video:

Since the demo – more to the point since being CAUGHT – Intel has admitted that the demo was a video done for ‘expediency’. Um … yeah. Not exactly a vote of confidence when you are trying to demonstrate DirectX 11 gaming performance … and use a video instead.

Source: BrightSideofNews

4 Responses to " Embarrasment for Intel After Faking Ultrabook Gaming Demo "

  1. doogald says:

    Here is a video of a game running on the Intel Ivy Bridge DX11. It looks fine to me.

    • Did I say that the systems were not capable?  No I did not.

      Does your video of a non-commercial product running a game at a show by someone with a vested interest in it looking great prove that it IS capable?  No it does not.

      Does the FACT that Intel intentionally ran a FAKE demo under the guise of showing off video game performance call ALL of their claims and demos into question?  Yes it does.

      Seriously, we *know* that ultra-portables can be equipped with capable graphics systems – but we don’t expect them to pass ‘the Crysis test’.  Be honest, and show us something real and reasonable.

  2. Bryan Eley says:

    Hard to tell from this angle, but looks like VLC playing full screen.

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