Embarrasment for Intel After Faking Ultrabook Gaming Demo

Embarrasment for Intel After Faking Ultrabook Gaming Demo

We’ve seen it all at CES – vapor-products, stuff we won’t see for months (if ever), dummy products as show-pieces, and more. Now Intel – with the demo for their ‘bet the farm on it’ Ultrabooks … got caught faking a demo when the VLC control panel showed up a few times as shown above. The executive on stage tried to play it off, but the credibility of the entire show was lost.

Check out the video:

Since the demo – more to the point since being CAUGHT – Intel has admitted that the demo was a video done for ‘expediency’. Um … yeah. Not exactly a vote of confidence when you are trying to demonstrate DirectX 11 gaming performance … and use a video instead.

Source: BrightSideofNews

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3 Comments on "Embarrasment for Intel After Faking Ultrabook Gaming Demo"

  1. Here is a video of a game running on the Intel Ivy Bridge DX11. It looks fine to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCBy4MK32I4

  2. Did I say that the systems were not capable?  No I did not.

    Does your video of a non-commercial product running a game at a show by someone with a vested interest in it looking great prove that it IS capable?  No it does not.

    Does the FACT that Intel intentionally ran a FAKE demo under the guise of showing off video game performance call ALL of their claims and demos into question?  Yes it does.

    Seriously, we *know* that ultra-portables can be equipped with capable graphics systems – but we don’t expect them to pass ‘the Crysis test’.  Be honest, and show us something real and reasonable.

  3. Hard to tell from this angle, but looks like VLC playing full screen.

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